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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vesuvius_SWIE, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    I really enjoy the board game feeling of this game and me my friends will surely play it for a long time

    That said a few questions and surely most of the items are not new . Anyway:

    - What happens after the early acess is finished ? Do you lose your captain ships researched?
    - Why cant we create 2 or campaigns at the same time? Especially I would love to fool around with the different sides and not lose the progress I already made.
    - What happens with with "premium ships"?
    - Who had the great idea to put 500 credits as the smallest package and make the first interessting ship 600 credits?
    - I am desperately looking for some kind of online manuel.
    - As the turns take quite a long time and the order of turn jumps around due to class . I would love some options to give you an early warning and customable , like 30s before your turn or you are next notification. I like to read chat with friends and dont want to stare like a statue on the screen fearing to loose my turn. As you said in the Q&A make it more visible whos turn it is. As I said I for example like to read a book in paralell and take a look on the screen from time to time.
    - I would love to automatically follow the current players move. (option)
    - Can we please custominze the key selection => for example I dont like that the left mouse buttom is used to give commands and drag the map
    - Tooltips over objects in the map would help (Nebulas etc)
    - Can we simply get a list of ships, names and current move order as an otion alternative to the bar on top?
    - Could you please consider to follow strictly the turn order on top not jumping around based on ship class?
    - Is it planned to give you some kind of customable news channel every time you log in. Since your last battle : the human empire lost sirius or for example we lost 7 border systems. the frontline moves closer to Alpha Centauri etc.
    - Can I see already which ships are on route or waiting during a battle? Or is ita feature to promote suspense that we dont know who will join our side or the enemy?
    -What happens if I quit the game during battle. Do I lose the ship? If not, how do you prevent abuse that people unable to flee simply quit the game to prevent destruction of their expensive vessel?

    Thx again for the effort and I really enjoy this game and spend lots of time with it.

    And I know these are lots of questions so please feel free to direct me to the place to find answers.
  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    I can reply to some:
    -Early access would run for a year probably, so the server would have already been won by one side or another, which starts a new server cycle. Probably several seasons of server cycles. Also there will probably be more than one server that opens up. Each server cycle, your start fresh, but carry over legacy awards and such that are permanent to your record.
    -Right now all premium ships are free, except for the kickstarter ones (Halifax, predator), and will remain free for quite a while.
    -The 500 credits are really for premium portraits, ship renaming, and officer/captain respecs
    -Online manual -- its a pdf right there on steam, as well as the tutorial thread on the beta section of this forum.
    -Chime and notification of turn will be coming and improved
    -Tooltips on environments show the first time you run into them, but were found to be annoying if you end up seeing them over and over again.
    -Turn bar improving with future updates, theres bugs in it right now
    -Customizable news channel, I'm just one person, I add 'news' when I see it manually like anyone else could. I don't have any special tools. Again, when there's more time for porgrammers to add more features, those might come in. But its only 2 of us.
    -There's an incoming notice feature that will be implemented eventually
    -If you quit in a combat situation, your ship automatically becomes AI controlled, and goes straight for the border to warp out. SO it can be intercepted and destroyed, but at the same time, has a chance just as if you were controlling it to escape.
  3. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    'Thank you very much to take your time to reply
  4. canbeen

    canbeen Member

    May I know how does officer evasion skill work?
    Is it a direct negative of the accuracy skill bonus? Hence final point blank accuracy is still 95%. Or it's a multiple of the final accuracy value? Or a negative of final accuracy value?
  5. Sire of Suns

    Sire of Suns New Member

    Okay, so, maybe I'm a total newb.
    But... How do I upgrade my officers? Does my ship have to level up first? My understanding was that Honor Points could be spend on both ships and officer upgrades, but the officer upgrades don't seem to have any way to purchase them (granted, I have yet to have a ship survive to level 2...)
  6. canbeen

    canbeen Member

  7. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    How officers which upgrade stats are interacting with power?
    For example the officer which give +1 sensor : is it +1 to max sensor range that can be powered, +1 to base sensor which take power or a flat +1 for free?
    Same for shields, when you have +x to max shield it means when you full power a side you have the bonus for free power or you can power up a side to base max +x or is it scaling with all intermediate levels (so if you have +2 and a ship with 2 levels of shields it is a +1 to each level)
  8. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Looking for updated PMR table per ship class, and also, do AI ships use the old table to give them a bit of an edge? AI seems to be much better with using multiple arcs at least, and a bit radar-hacky :p
  9. Nahia

    Nahia New Member

    Hi everyone, i searched but couldn’t find information on the following points:

    When you try to invade a sector, the server will send some AI defense.
    How does the server determine what tier and number of defenders to send?
    Say if I come with a T4, T4s will be sent at me to defend until I can kill enough to switch sector allegiance?
    Are some sector harder then others to conquer (having higher allegiance points or something) ?
    Thanks in advance
  10. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Quoting 'Blingon':
    (p=current power)
    • Class3 Corvettes p x 1.5
    • Class4 Frigates p x (2/3)
    • Class5 Destroyers p/3
    • Class6 Light cruisers p/5
    • Class7 Cruisers (p+1)/7
    (if the power is an exact multiple of 7, you will not get a full move, rather it
    will have .91 of a move for the last part. Thus, +1 to the multiple of 7 will solve this. For
    example, for a Nagara to have 7 movement, you need 77+1=78 power. Not 77.)
    • Class8 Heavy Cruisers (p+1)/11
    • Class9 Battleships p/15
    • Calss10 Dreadnaughts p/20
  11. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    AI will match your average class, rounded down; so if you are T4, it will warp in a T4, if you have a T3 and T4 in the area, it will warp in two T3s. Sometimes it may send an extra ship, but that is randomly generated.
    Once you 'lock' the sector by getting enough kill points (shown on the top bar). Eg. in a 6 faction you need 30 points (each T4 would be 4 pts, each T3 would be 3 points).
    The bigger the sector, the more capture points you need.
  12. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I noticed that the ratios are not exact for every ship I've played. Usually it works in your favor where 30 Power -> 10.11 MP or whatever instead of a flat 10, and sometimes that extra half comes in handy when you have rotation. Thanks for the tip on p/7 +1 for C7's. I wonder... if you go 70 power or some higher number if possible, it may be necessary to do +2 in order to get the full point.

    Your 'maths' are off on a couple parts, but I get what you mean :p 7 movement would be 49+1 = 50 power or 11 for 77+1


    Pay attention to the Faction Limits (FL) of each sector.

    These regulate what sized ships can enter the area and how many 'points' worth of ships. For example, a C4 frigate is 2 points and requires at least a 4+2 FL sector to enter (6 and up).

    At most in FL6, you should only ever see 3 frigate AI defenders respond to you if you were to bring your own C4 frigate, a C4 support or two, or possibly some C4 fleet AI commanded ship(s) of your own. This limit is separate from defending players and the ships they can bring in support/fleet as well.

    This is a bit new to me as well because I haven't played in a year, so I may not have all the info yet.
  13. Nahia

    Nahia New Member

    Hi everyone, and thank you for your answers.

    I must say the game is interesting and has improved since my first try (I played a few hours in Helix).

    As a good noob I still have questions :

    I’m a little confused about how the ship crew is handled in case of destruction of your ship.
    I thought at first that your crew would die and so you’ll lose any improvement.
    Then I thought your medical officer can help and save some of your crewmembers.
    Now I think i figured your crew will return anyway but it’ll take time.
    In any case you’ll lose any accumulated promotion point, so you’ll have to get some new ones to continue promoting them?
    Can someone clarify this for me ?

    As for having a support ship along with your primary ship, what captain skill(s) do you need?
    Is “Support Ship 1” enough or should you also have “Fleet Commander 1”.
    As I understands it, with both skills I would be able to have a tender ship and another ship (max C7). Is this correct ?

    Thanks in advance
  14. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Originally, Ship losses and Officers were 'hardcore' mode. You die, all gone. Sol Medical officer had the ability to save crew members.

    Later, ship losses were converted to cooldown/repair timers, but crew was still lost. That was then updated so that crew were saved but all officer XP was lost (so if you had rank 4's, you had to gain xp from rank 0 to 5 to do rank 5's)

    Now, the Sol medical rescue is removed and applies to everyone automatically with the recovery/repair timer upon destruction and all progress is saved (current levels and XP) so long as you do not sell and rebuy your ship, which is most commonly done for untrained supports.

    Support ship 1 allows you to have one support ship up to the default starting Class 4 (basic repair tenders and troop ship for Genari). If you wanted to go higher, you would also need the appropriate commander skill for class 5/6 and 7/8 for the bigger tenders. Support 2 allows a second support ship. You cannot buy 2 of the same ship, but yes with Warship commander 2 and Support 2, you could have up to 2 supports of up to C7.
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  15. Nahia

    Nahia New Member

    Thank you for your previous answers Xeen.

    Following the victory of the Genari faction today in Europa, I found myself with new (still noob) questions…

    Well, first and foremost what are the victory conditions of the game (I realized I didn’t even knew that)?
    Do Maal have access to Hive territory? (I mean without slicing the galaxy)
    If not do they have a specific victory condition to compensate?

    I understand we soon will have three playable faction (Sol Genari Maal), how does that affect victory?
    I mean if Genari destroys Sol is the game finished for everyone or do the game continues between Genari and Maal?
    If so what becomes of Sol players?

    Lastly when you start again in the next server, you’ve lost everything (XP/LP/Crew/Captain/Ships) ?

    Thx in advance for your help.
  16. Baalrog

    Baalrog Member

    Hi Nahia,

    this is/was the 1st server that Maal has been tested, so before it was only 2 factions. The game is still set to awarding the server to the faction which kills the homeworld of another faction.

    Since Genari invaded the Hive sectors which have not been set up for proper defense and destroyed the shipyard there the game counted that as a victory for genari since technically genari destroyed another faction.

    If that will be enough in the future is undetermined afaik; it will be a lot harder then though since defenses will be set up properly by then.

    Regarding ur question with the ships - if ur ship gets killed it goes on cooldown - the higher tiers take longer to come back. The ships keep all their promotions and all their officer points, so no losses there.

    U can take as many tenders as u have support skills.

    Up to t6 u can have 2 warships along, at t7+t8 one and above t8 none. When u get the warship skill for ships above t6 it blocks the fleet skill respectively.

    Cheers Baal
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  17. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Victory conditions are generally supposed to be complete domination (wipe out all other factons' homeworlds, typically 3 sub-sectors in total)

    Maal only reach Hive by going through Gen or Sol

    There can be only one! ? Idk, maybe there will be some way to broker a permanent alliance and have a joint victory?? Seems kinda cheap though. The balance of power keeps things interesting.

    Game should continue vs remaining factions. I hope defeated players aren't allowed to join a new faction or change factions after a certain point (like 2 or 3 weeks in) when it looks like they will be losing. Only Vesuvius can really answer these questions for certain as to what 'should be', but clearly 'what is' differs right now :p

    Yes, full wipe in new server EXCEPT for some carry over credits depending on what you already had and how well you did on the leader board, kills, contributions, total XP gained, etc.
  18. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Once the game is multi-faction:
    -A race that loses their homeworld can still play their race, but as long as they still have a spawn point.
    -Servers near mid-game no longer allow character deletion, which means they cannot switch sides.
    -The winning race must destroy all enemy homeworlds.
  19. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Am I correct to assume that it would be against the rules to create/use alt accounts in any fashion?

    Spying on opposing team faction chat
    Playing on an opposing team, not limited to interfering with combat or gathering information on a battle from a different perspective
    Playing two accounts for yourself (same faction)
    Creating an account to join a surviving faction (after partial/total defeat)

    Will there be any way to check for duplicate IP's or user aliases? I understand if you don't want to reveal countermeasures, a yes/no will do.
  20. Nahia

    Nahia New Member

    Thx for this clarification on how things are meant to be Vesuvius.
    However, this could mean that some players will have to wait for quite a long time if their race becomes "extinct" (all spawn destroyed) before they can play the game (in a new server). Anyway, time will tell.

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