Xeen Friend or Foe?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Locke, Jul 12, 2020.

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    Ok so i will probably make a few people mad with this but here goes. First of all I have played on and off for about 2 years and I really love the game and community. I usually try to be respectful to others and if i defend too hard repeatedly against someone i try to ask them if they would like me to back off. I dont always remember to ask but try to. I also have a tendency to let my enemies live when i can kill them. Not always of course. That being said I can be a jerk sometimes and i have my annoying habits. I will freely admit that but i will also admit that the same think can be said about most everyone in this game. We all have things that annoy each other. I used to get so annoyed when i would get off of work and log into the game for an hour or so to try to finish a sector just to get jumped by 2 or more ppl. Seemed like i couldnt get anything done. I had to learn to adapt my playstyle but more importantly my attitude to the game. I have Ragequit the game so i am as guilty as others about that but i finally learned to just accept the game as that..just a game and try not to get too emotionally invested in it. It is hard sometimes but here i am rambling about crap that has absolutely no relation to the original topic i wanted to talk about. When i first started playing the game and for rounds I hated xeen. He really came off as an obnoxious self centered prick to me and i couldnt stand him. Even when i was on his team i felt that way. I cant count the number of times i would join a map he was playing on and he would immediately leave so he could go solo farm xp. That being said i have noticed a change in him or perhaps he has always been the same but i was just so consumed by my hate for the guy i couldnt see it at the time. Xeen still does things that annoy me. I wont lie about that but i can also admit that there is not a single person in this game that i have not learned more from than him. Both as an enemy and a teammate. As an enemy he never took it easy on me which forced me to become a better player. I also realized that as long as i didnt trash talk him then he wouldnt start talking trash about me either. These last few rounds though i have had the chance to be on his team and i have learned even more from him. If i have a question and need it answered, he answers. And not just some simple explanation he actually goes into detail about it. And not just me either, he does that for every member of his team. When a new guy logs on he is usually the first person to say hi to them and start talking to them and explaining things. And pvp...well hell its no secret he loves it. As an enemy you can alway expect him to fight you and as an ally you can always expect him to help you. I have lost count on how many times either myself or another teammate has been attacked in a sector and xeen has left whatever map he has been in to go and help us. If you ask him for help he will give it. Does he sometimes lose his cool and come across rude? heck yeah but as i said we all have our flaws. I strongly feel that all people see is the negative about the dude and cant get past said flaws and see what he has actually done for the game and the players. There are some who might say that by writing this post i am just trying to suck up to the guy but i honestly could care less about wether he likes or hates me. I will continue to play the game the same way. If on opposing sides i will do what i can to kill him and if on the same side i will help him. I am not good with words or saying things like i want them to come out but i would say that. So lets look at the mvp thing for a sec. Requirements are...
    1.Longtime veteran players who have been active on multiple servers over the last two years...check
    2.-Honorable, courteous play, socially positive in chat, helpful to new players...Honorable..i would say yes. Courteous play...in the past i woulda said no but these last few rounds i would say yes. Socially positive in chat....ok i can see that as a no for the most part. Helpful to new players...Yep got that covered. I say if there is a list of ppl that should qualify for the mvp award he has to be on it. There are others who i feel should also be on it as well but thats another topic for another day.

    I have rambled on more than i really wanted to but the main point in the post was that even though he has his flaws he isnt as bad as ppl make him out to be and has greatly been more of a help for the game than a hurt for it. But we all have our own opinions and feelings and thats ok. Just felt like putting mine out there.
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    A fair assessment, I'd say.

    I'm not offended by the negative truths.
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    So, here is my perspective as newer player on my second server so far. I've kind of wanted to make a thread about this for a bit as well, but I always end up stopping myself.

    I'll start off by saying that I agree with everything you have to say there. I've only interacted with Xeen for like, half a server, though in that month I've gotten to know him pretty well I think. In fact when I heard he was coming back, I heard so much negativity toward him from multiple players that I went out of my way to learn about him and his relationship with the game. I studied every forum post I could find of his trying to get a good gauge on his personality. I was genuinely curious as to how one person could have gathered so much salt. I know about people getting salty at Blingon in the past, but this was simply on another level. What I discovered seemed to be contrary to the popular opinion.

    In my research, Xeen came off as someone who is truly passionate about this game. Based on post history and playtime in steam, it seemed like he was one of, if not the most dedicated player in the base. From what I could gather he seemed to be dedicated to finding the limits of the game and reporting bugs, as well as posting some genuinely helpful stuff about ship accuracy and other obscure game mechanics.

    When he did finally join us on Ma'al this server, I figured we would end up butting heads just based on this perception I'd got of him being a 'bully.' Instead, he came off as a bit of a troll (not talking in chat at first, and when he did using a cipher of sorts) but he was in maps and he did actively fight in PVP. Eventually we deciphered what he was doing, and he dropped the RP trolling. At that point he really took charge and did pretty much everything he could to coach us as a team. He taught us how to attack large shipyards using what we already had available. He gave genuinely good PVP and PVE advice, and as long as you showed a bare minimum amount of aptitude and comprehension he has been surprisingly patient.

    I was actually surprised to learn that he's never been given an MVP before. I figured it was just assumed with him being around for like 3 years and all of the bug hunting and generally constructive stuff he seems to do.

    Yes in OT I see him fire shots back at Sol, and most of the time it seems like they push on him first, or seem to be salty over a PVP engagement that went wrong, but I don't think I've seen him actually start any fights in OT. Sure he does come off as an asshole at times, but to be honest there are several other players that do as well, and the nature of the game I think brings out some saltier elements from what I do believe are the genuinely good people who play this game. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on any of this though.

    There are things to criticize. Obviously, the guy is no saint. I've heard he was very hard on some of his Genari teammates in the past and he does come to judgments on some people and things a bit quickly in my opinion. Also, like most of the playerbase he is incredibly stubborn when he wants to be. (Not naming anyone, but it's something I've noticed a lot of in my 2 servers playing the game.) Xeen is also very cutthroat and I think has publicly stated that a morale based victory is still a victory in his eyes. I don't know if I agree based on the health of the game, but from a purely tactical standpoint, he's not wrong. I think that's just a difference in perspective, and in that sense I can understand where some frustration does arise.

    There's no good way to 'lose' a game like this. Eventually, 3 of the 4 teams lose, it's just a fact of the game. I've noticed there's a pretty obvious tipping point where morale bottoms out for a team, and only the most dedicated members of that team stick around to ride the game to its inevitable conclusion. I'm not yet experienced enough to know if the situations really are that hopeless, or if morale simply disappears too easily. Personally, I'll fight to the end, but that's easy for me to say being on the current winning side, I admit this.

    I think that's about all I have to say on this topic, for the moment.
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    No dispute with any above statement.

    "as long as you showed a bare minimum amount of aptitude and comprehension"

    "heard he was very hard on some of his Genari teammates in the past "

    You have both parts of the equation right there.

    Gen team bitching and moaning, couldnt be told anything, and when I finally got them to try stuff, they would do the WRONG thing and then blame me for their failure.

    I want nothing to do with incompetence, unresponsiveness, and a 'cant be told anything' attitude. I do suspect that is why Bling/FF quit this recent server as a member of Sol, lack of cooperative teammates.
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    i had to stop this server because a bunch of my clients came out of their Covid 19 isolation and wanted to go back to full operation ASAP. which means a lot of work for me as i dig through their reports to make internal financial reports. I also ran out of reason to play Sol when all the hypothesis on Ai are tested.

    Perspective on any player is based on amount of patience and tolerance a person have. A lot of decent players don't have high opinion on xeen, thou if he can drive out players in his own faction, that is going a bit far. We all have opinions about other people and some of those opinions are better left unsaid. So despite Xeen been knowledgeable and can play decent, I will always exercise caution because of this. having un-cooperative team mates is pretty common after all.

    That been said, if xeen is a dick, then there sure are a lot of dicks floating in space. The ultimate goal is not the destruction of three races, its to win the dick measuring contest, of which the winner has the longest, hardest and most erect hate boner. Bone your enemy, bone your allies and even bone the dev. This game must be one giant sausage fest and the testicles must be clogging up the Off topic chat box. the stench of degeneracy would Ass-ault all the unfortunate players that wandered into the game and they would feel manhandled even thou its happening behind a screen. This feel, familiar, like it has all happened before....like almost any other MMO. where there is people, there is bound to have this kind of thing.
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    I do not always get along with Xeen. Sometimes he can be just a tad bossy and he has a bad habit of being pedantic. However, despite this, and despite his preceding reputation, I like Xeen.

    I respect his knowledge and skill at the game. Yes, maybe he has a bit of an ego and mistakenly thinks he is the primary cause of almost every enemy action. But that is not without some reason. Sometimes his presence alone really does have an effect on the enemy players. He is by far the best player at this game and seemingly everyone knows it. Regardless of what they may think of him personally.

    Beside his skill at the game. I also like him as a person. I have only known him for half a server, but other than his (perhaps deserved) ego, I did not witness any of the negativity I have seen other players (and the dev) claim of him.

    I also find him relatable. I too have been labeled as an asshole by salty, whiny players. Often for no more reason than for playing aggressively. The treatment I received from a portion of this small community had eventually driven me to the point that I at times became the asshole they claimed me to be from the start. It did not help that Vesu contributed to this community behavior by taking part in it. Particularly against Xeen. If Xeen ever had an outburst in the past, I could easily see why. There is a portion of this community that has attached themselves to Vesu, and Vesu backs them in return as "the underdogs." That is very hard to get around and it is very easy to be outed by those who are favored.

    All that said, I agree with Locke that Xeen deserves to be made a MVP more than anyone currently playing this game. If not for his considerable contribution to the game's development, but for his skill, knowledge, and mentoring. MVP awards should be based on merit alone. It should NOT be based on who Vesu likes or dislikes. When it comes to awarding players powerful, personal ships, judgement should be impartial.
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    Xeen is both - a good friend if ur not a complete idiot at the game and a terrible enemy if he play the other faction.

    I have played with Xeen and vs him a couple servers each and i think we got along decently depending on same faction or not.

    I totally agree, that Xeen is one of the best and most knowledgable players. As the saying goes u can only learn from people who are better than urself and even though i had played a long time before Xeen come out of Hiatus i still learned a lot from him. I also did learn a lot from Blingon, since they are both very good players.
    Does he deserve an MVP award? Pretty sure he does.

    The only real negative thing to say about Xeen is that he has too much dedication to this game which can make him quite insurmountable if he is on the opposing faction. That can take the motivation out of playing vs him.
    That he sometimes comes across as abrasive or short with other players is only partly true, and if so mostly justified. Enough said about that since that is mostly personal sensibilities.

    tl:dr - Xeen is both depending on circumstances.

    Cheers Baal
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    I might steal this for my forum signature.

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