Various bugs noticed today and a suggestion

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Grolack, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Grolack

    Grolack New Member

    First the suggestion
    A list of all players on your side who are online would be great. A added bonus would be the ability to block/mute/blacklist players.

    Genari bugs seen today
    1. Player NPC's do not seem to be self repairing properly. I warped into a sector on my Victory III with a Interdictor III and a Genshai repair tender with me. I noticed that my NPC Interdictor III was only self repairing 1 hull point a round with full engines and crew, so I told it to follow me and got it into one of the repair tenders hexs. It continued to self repair only 1 hull point per a round, with full engines and crew.

    2. I haven't checked through all the ships I currently own, but on the Victory III there is a difference between weapon stats listed for the fission warheads in the space dock, during the allocation phase and the combat phase. Screenshots attached.

    3. Officer Skill discrepancy. There is a x2 difference between the officer skill Accuracy icons and pop up descriptions concerning how much the skill improves your accuracy.
    E.G: LVL 1 icon says 5%, pop up description says 10%
    LVL 2 icon says 10%, pop up description says 20%
    LVL 3 icon says 15%, pop up description says 30%

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  2. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Bug found? Got "hung up" here and couldn't free fly anymore. Warped out fine.

  3. ccX

    ccX New Member

    10% of the weapons 50 accuracy, 55 is correct.
  4. Baalrog

    Baalrog New Member

    It might be the way it is applied but thats not what the descriptions actually says. The descriptions says +10% flat.
    Also applying it like that makes it way less effective for genari side because they usually have lower weapons accuracy to start with.

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