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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Baalrog, Feb 16, 2018.

  1. Baalrog

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    So this evening we were defending G-1105. Sol successfully captured but we managed to kill and drive off the sol players after that. We then proceded to kill the remaining two AI, cause the understanding of the mechanic was, that you can unlock the sector after capture if you successfully kill all sol ships after capture.
    Thing is though, that more sol ai kept jumping in, so we had to leave and couldnt retake the sector.

    If would be nice to have clarification on the mechanic.

    Thanks Baal
  2. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    Once a sector is locked, there is nothing you can do to retake it other than waiting for the 7 hours unlock. Never heard of killing the enemy ships to unlock the sector again.
  3. Zer0CoolAZ

    Zer0CoolAZ Administrator Staff Member

    This one is most likely my fault to be honest. I remember back when this first got brought up and I had asked, that the plan was for some sort of re-take mechanic. However somewhere along the lines (I believe just before the movement overhaul) that ended up changing and I had not made it clear. As far as I am currently aware, heinous is absolutely correct and you can not unlock them outside of waiting. (The reason I think that the whole plan changed on it is due to the bug that happens currently when a sector is locked)
  4. waterProphet

    waterProphet New Member

    Zero, I've seen them unlock after taking them. So perhaps what players understand as a mechanic, is actually a bug.
  5. Dalwin

    Dalwin Member

    This is not how you break a lock and to be honest never has been. What was working at one point and I believe still does is this: 1.) The attackers cap the sector but then leave before cleaning up the formerly defensive AI ships. 2.) Defensive AI spawns for the new owners. 3.) All players from the former owners also warp out leaving it as an AI versus AI battle. 4.) After a period the lock might break, supposedly when one the AI attackers (former owners) defeats a ship of the current AI defenders.

    Now it might be that this no longer works and that the behavior was changed as part of fixing the old repair tender experience farming exploit.
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