Turn being skipped during allocation phase

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Kenoe, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Just encountered my turn being completely skipped during allocation phase on S-1705 today at about 1705 PST, resulting in the loss of my Guardian III T6 Light Cruiser. After miss clicking and ending turn within range of both T8 Etna towers, I ended that turn with about 80/166 hull points. Next turn I moved toward edge (3 spaces away) but was unable to allocate anything in to shields, which resulted in 4 players and 1 AI T6 dropping my Hull to within 5. Needless to say, but if I had shielding on, I would have been able to make it to edge and warp out properly with my ship in tact (sure this is completely debatable, but with my speed due to upgrades, I can get hit by T3's focusing one shield, move before the T4 and T6 attacked, and made it so they would avoid my shield hit with edge of map). I had 12 officer upgrades on ship to include the following:

    Power Boost I, II
    Dark Matter Astrophysics
    Tactical Advantage
    Maneuverability I, II
    Team Expansion I, II
    Shield Overcharge I
    Tactical Advantage I, II

    For those wondering how I have so many upgrades, I'm fairly confident I was the first T6 on server. The Guardian III comes with a passive skill 'Advanced Interface' which results in a 50% reduction on officer upgrade time, (game states 75% reduction, but the math doesn't add up). I also have efficient officer training.

    24 hours normal time to officer upgrade. With Advanced Interface, dropped timer to 12 hours. With Efficient Officer Training, timer reduced to 6 hours.

    Point of the story lost my ship due to unforeseen bug. A little bummed sure but it is a beta and we are here to report bugs. Not sure if anyone else is reporting turns being completely skipped, but I never encountered this during closed/open beta until last update. Advising devs to be on the lookout, and a replacement T6 with upgrades lost would be a solid :) if possible; but up to you devs.

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  3. Dalwin

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    I myself have never been skipped during allocation but I have been skipped during the combat turn itself. I did have one tonight that even though I hit the leave map button with 3 seconds left the command never registered so I had to wait another turn (was lucky to live). For those who want to strategically delay telling the other side that you are leaving, I recommend not waiting longer than about 8-10 seconds remaining.

    and +1 to refund for Kenoe, though no one that I know of has gotten their skills back. It has only been the ship itself.
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    I was in that battle, fighting on the SOL side. I came in when he was in range of both towers and around 80 health. After everyone took their turns, on the next allocation phase Kenoe did complain in all local chat that he was not able to allocate. He also did not have any shields up as he ran to the wall, which was odd (and we hit him from multiple facings). As to whether he would have made it or not, like he said that's debatable. Anyway, I'm just confirming the details as to what Kenoe said are what I witnessed.
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    Yeah I have been getting multiple reports of various people having this problem tonight. I don't know what changed so that this is happening now and never did before.

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