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    Since this discussion doesn't belong on the bug/build thread:
    There's a lot more to the battlefield dynamic than just damage as a result of you being there.

    You still force me to spend more energy on shields and tried plenty hard to get through (You would have if you landed that Rally shot, lol, but now I know you have Rally I), more than that, you are slowing down combat and progress towards goals to which I take offense, same as how you don't like me showing up to Gen offensives and sniping you. You are not innocent, and I will hunt you for doing things like that.

    Let me break it down for you:

    True noobs are safe regardless of ship with the exception of they may not show up to a fight and idle for 5+ phases in a row without me getting very irritated. They lose nothing from dying.

    Experienced but new players who are harassing me or otherwise interfering, especially ones knowing what they are doing and attempting to abuse the grace period for the remainder of test will be shot. If they are not in a ship of value (C4 or higher), I may go so far as to kill them.

    You? I'll kill you on sight. Vesuvius said he is also fair game under any conditions, and I've even taken out his C5 with a frigate (albeit jacked up officers and proving a point about how OP Overload was, that's right WAS, I was lobbying to get it reduced for some time, but it required demonstrations, much like other things I've tried to get changed).

    Now if someone wants to talk crap, I just might make another exception for that too. This is a PvP game after all, and there will be no rules about who can and cant kill who, when, or where in live. Rise up, get some friends, do something about it... Kinda like how I took care of you TWICE before I ever got to power while you were harassing the crap out of me.

    No holds barred come Dec 6th live server, so there's no confusion. I look forward to the onslaught of players thirsty for revenge! Every world needs a villain... or a hero, depending on which side of the line you stand. Come at me.
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    To whom it may concern: Are you not entertain? :)
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    and one day sir,, i shall kick your toe,,,and will be the end of you, bahhahh bahhahah
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