Third Season Server - Completed (Sol Victory)

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    The last defense lines have been breached, and the first planet of Logha has been attacked by a large fleet of Sol ships. Even with mounting Genari defenses producing a last ditch effort to defend their home, Sol keeps advancing.

    Galaxy map showing most of Genari territory (red) taken by Sol (Blue)

    (view of a Montana Cruiser entering the Genari Homeworld of Saneth

    A fleet of Cruisers, Heavy Cruisers, and a Dreadnought, along with a substantial amount of repair tenders have been driving their way forward into the Genari homeworlds. The final battle is near.


    A top view of the final battle after all other defenses and stations have been taken down, with only the Genari Homeworld Superbase remaining. It makes even the big Colossus dreadnought look miniature.

    A zoom in of the Sanethi homeworld system from the galaxy map (and its three planets) under assault
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    A screenshot of the top ranked players and their scores (Top10/Top50)
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    What? No honorable mentions?^^

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