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    First I would like to thank the developers and all involved for a wonderful concept.

    I have really enjoyed the game but now there is very little enjoyment factors for me, I have other hobbies which I stopped doing, so I guess I will just go back to them.

    The most enjoyment I had was when I competed in lv3 and lv4 battles - It was all about having a bit of luck and skill in winning the map, but now I will enter a 3-4 fight and the first thing I think of is not what I can do to achieve winning the map - its how long have I got until the capital ships arrive and ruin the enjoyment.

    As we can agree it is not nice being faced with a ship which is 2-3 lvls higher then you plus you are operating a non disposal ship, and your lvl 4-5 would have a number of officers on board. If you go into a map with these ships in it - you accept the risk, but if the capital ships jump in - I find it just demoralizes the opposition, as a fairly reasonable player it just annoys me but can you image what it does to a newbie.

    Yes the whole concept is to win the game/map so if the capital ships (usually multiple ships) they are just winning the map because they can bring more excessive firepower to bear, luck and skill now has nothing to do with it now.

    I am not saying any side is a saint or angel but the game participants morale is suffering, most times I will not even bring out my six = because if I do its like painting a big target on the map with a VI in the active field. The capital ships will always come.

    Some of you may consider me just being a coward that I should just deal and engage the higher tier ships, sorry I have always review the opportunity for success and decide my decisions according (as most players do) - plus due to my captain decision making I have lost the opportunity to get a lvl7 and at least compete with some of the capital fleet.

    I probably will jump into the game a few times, have a quick 1/2 blast and a quick chat to the wonderful payers in the game (from both sides) then get back to other enjoyable pastimes.

    Just some ideas:
    A map is level locked when the first ship enters the map - ie if a lvl 4 is the first ship in the map is locked for only lvl 3 and lvl 5 ships to compete (one lvl above and one lvl below)

    If possible have on the map data screen the names of the players in the sector - many times I have jumped into sectors thinking players were in there, but they were just all AI's - just hover over the icon and the players names pops up, of course the other sides payers names should not be available.

    For newbies - a "training" map where anyone under a certain xp level can enter and fight - not AI's (or only 1-2 targets) but all the ships should be players. Plus it would give them the opportunity to use the chat function with each other (they may be scared to ask a stupid question to a expert) - if they dont get the answer there they can ask on the teams chat window. Best of all they should last a number of turns and start to gain abit of xp.


    I wish everyone good hunting and that they are getting enjoyment out of the game - because if you are not - ask yourself why are you here?
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    I never considered you a coward Maverick! I agree, right now SOL Has the higher tiers but not the player-base we are just a small coordinated group of about 8 consistent players with a clear Hierarchy. I think we have perfected the system so much so on our side of things that our precise clinical strikes are a bit hard to deal with(this is boring asf for me) especially when you guys don't really have any c7's on the field.

    We also take the time to train and leech exp for new players in-order to get them into tenders or c6's so they can coordinate with us.

    I could see how all this would make the situation seem hopeless, at the moment i have been trying to get SOL Captains to give the genari a bit of time to build-up some power(it doesn't help they removed most reliable exp farming methods without really adding any) and i mostly leave t4's and t5's alive on gen side of things since I feel bad .

    Some observations: SOL's Working horses of the fleet are it's c7's most notably its c7 Nagaras. Genari c7 Ships with minimal upgrades just absolutely tear us up in damage and maneuverability since we are mostly running nagaras(to kill your c6's) and not montanas. Most notably the firestorm3 and Dev could really mess us up. You guys just need a break and some more experience in the higher tier ships. IMO c7's will be the most used ship since you never need anymore then 1-2 c8's + on the field depending on map size (they only work as a damage buffer baiting in ships to engaging your back line and then turning on them with max damage they are never really chasing anything in a c7- down with full DPS if the pilot knows how to position, even in my maneuver mode c8 discounting rotation movement since 4 movement is needed to use my full kit so realistically I can only have 5-6 movement with 33 damage; this is a common occurrence with anything t8+ they have their uses but are crippled in a lot of ways almost always needing support to be effective to its full potential as a damage power house at this tier you really need to know your shit since that 2 turn warp-out can seriously kill you, not to mention allocation needs to be precise. They really are only a tanky high damage support to run past to force people into it's range otherwise protecting themselves in the c7's) hence why I have been stressing the importance of upgraded c7's to our fleet.

    Anyway it was an absolute blast playing with you i wish i could continue to do so.
    If gen had a bit more coordination and experience we could be in a really bad spot right now if you guys got your shit together.
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    Suno read his post again. His problem is not facing a stronger race but stronger players (not more skilled) due to the unfair design of the game. He and every new or old player have the same problem what ever faction they start with.

    Anyway a small solution is all ready about to be delivered from vesuvious. Ship tier cap on each sector. So Mavrick and the rest of you who think to quit: if a no lifer comes in your sector with his higher tier ship he wont have the advantage because he wont be allowed to be escorted with other big ships. Its going to be 1 big ship vs many medium/small ships.

    If this feature is implemented correctly it will make the game way more balanced and allow all tier ships to be useful.

    For example instead of 4x c7 vs 1x c5 + 3x c3 idiotic battles we have now it could become 3x c4 + 1x c7 vs 2xc6 + 2xc3 balanced fights.

    IMO if and i repeat "IF" this is implemented correctly we wont even need to remove permadeath because everyone will feel that he contributes into a battle even with his lower tier ship (after he lost his bigger one). Losing your ship wont feel like you lost the entire game anymore.
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