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Discussion in 'Bug Submissions' started by Zer0CoolAZ, Apr 21, 2019.

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    Hello Captains!

    Zero here to hopefully build a new section on the forums that should help with streamlining the bug submission process. As it currently stands, our internal bug tracker is just that: Internal. It would be unwise to open this up to the general population for several different reasons. To remedy this I've created this section on the forums for game players to be able to submit their issues in a clean and efficient manner. This allows for other users to find out if they're facing a bug that other players also encountered, and to find quick and simple fixes.

    So with that being said, please follow the format below when you post your bug submissions. Failure to do so may result in the submission being rejected or closed. We do this to ensure that things are clean and easy to read, that way the developers can work efficiently without needing to decipher the story surrounding the bug.

    Thread Title: Please make use of the proper tags when titling your submission. [BUG]. [ERROR], [CRASH], [AI/NPC], [PURCHASE], [REQUEST].

    Most of these tags are self explanatory. AI/NPC relates to AI spawning bugs, PURCHASE relates to credits purchase issues, REQUEST relates to something that is not a bug but is a feature you'd like to see implemented if possible.
    Thread Body: Please include the following. To find your output_log.txt file on a Windows machine: Open a RUN prompt by holding your windows key + R, and paste this line into it then pressing ENTER. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Desert Owl Games\Space Wars
    A folder should open containing the output_log.txt file which you can either submit as an attachment on the forums, or you can upload via Discord and send it to me (Zer0CoolAZ | Tobias Hale on Discord). If you've sent it to me directly, please mention that in the attachment section of the template and mention your Discord name so I can find it.

    [Date of occurence(s)]
    [In-game Name]
    [Ship used at the time]
    [Action used to reproduce (if applicable)]
    [Simple one line description of the bug]
    [Description of the bug as detailed as possible]
    [Attachment of output_log.txt file]

    Thank you everyone! Game on
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