System Spotlight: Energy Weapons

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  1. Sandarbian

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    SOL has two main types of beam weapons: Laser Beams, and Plasma Beams. Plasma beams are heavier and require more crew support, but have a much improved range and accuracy as well as additional range bonuses. Usually Destroyer-class ships and higher can support Plasma beams.

    GENARI has one main type of beam weapon divided into two subclasses: Laser Beams, and Heavy Laser Beams. Heavy lasers tend to be take up more mass and crew support, but have increased damage potential. Usually Destroyer-class ships and higher can support Plasma beams.

    Both have same last sentence....Genari don't have plasma beams do they.
  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    My bad... fixed now!
  3. JBHemlock

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    I don't think the front firing arc is correct on that image. On all my ships, the front firing weapons have an arc like this (excluding the red hexes):
  4. ben

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    this is correct, perhaps a small oversight or type error in the other,
  5. Sarah

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    I've gotta say those maalaketh beams are freaking deadly. Looks like their range is 20+ hex and crazy % accuracy.
  6. JansenC

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    Yeah I've come to really like them even if they cost a lot to charge. Just put those shields up and blast everything from far away. THEY have to come to you.

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