[Suggestion] Change way we gain Skill Points to prevent snowball effect.

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Nekomimi, Dec 11, 2017.


Do you think its good idea?

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  1. Nekomimi

    Nekomimi New Member

    Current situation:
    - Capture one sector or defend five sectors to get skill point (according to one of devs on discord)
    - Sol have way more players at basically any given time
    - More sectors are captured by Sol players
    - Sol players can defend more easily
    - Sol players get skill points faster.
    - Sol players get bonuses from officers faster.
    - Sol players have numbers advantage *and* officer advantage, negating supposed Gelari early game advantage.

    - Base skill points gain on amount of:
    - Actions toward goal you made each turn (attacking enemy, healing other ships ect)
    - Damage taken (without death) in turns after you did such actions
    - Bonus multiplier if you manage to capture/defend sector.

    - Getting out of combat near-dead is more viable than risking death just to get few extra xp points and honor/influence points. This can work well on immersion - Current system kinda encourages deathseeking in order to get just bits of these points. Encouraging staying alive, your crew gains more experience even if they lose objective itself.
    - Victory is still encouraged, thanks to that multiplier.
    - Players are more likely to get at least one-two skill points.
  2. Marksteele

    Marksteele New Member

    I mean, isn't the whole point of SOL the ability to gain officer points faster than the Genari? The only reason we have the advantage is because of, as you pointed out, the number advantage. If both sides had an even active player count the Genari ships would still have the advantage.
  3. Dalwin

    Dalwin Member

    It is virtually the only advantage we have. Genari ships are superior across the board for at least the first 6 tiers and probably past that.

    If anything, it should be changed so that we do not lose 100% of our points when a medic saves some officers. Saving the officers is of much less value if you still have to earn all of the points again to advance any further.

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