Starting XP When Joining A New Server

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Vesuvius_SWIE, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    On the first day the live server launches, all players start with a base 30 XP (aka leadership points, honor points). Playing the tutorial will give players an extra XP boost as well.

    However, there is a 'gradient' XP that is added daily, by 50. So on day two, if a new player joins then, it would be 50 starting XP. If a player joins a week into the server, the player would be starting with 350 XP. If a player joins a month into the server, they would be started with 1500 XP.

    This helps players who start later to have a little more of a boost as they play with those who have been around for a while.
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  2. Xeen Dread

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    Good idea. I like that you are starting off small and bumping it up if it's too small vs starting out with too much. Also, the old system where players got 200 XP - the value of their chosen starter ship made it pretty easy to jump into a C4 support/repair tender after a kill or two (or missions if you chose to start with an ultra low value C2, which is no longer possible :p).

    Starting with enough XP to purchase a frigate if starting on a month old server is nice. Perhaps increase this to 2500 for the month or a lump sum bonus depending on in-game conditions such as 'if defense platform killed, +1000 for new starters' given that the game would be significantly progressed, well beyond 1000 XP being too much at that point? Sol could not purchase a good frigate with 1500, but Gen could.

    Even something like 100 xp a day for late-start compensation wouldn't be too much, perhaps modified by the faction's ship cost? Talking a few corvette kills a day for 100 xp, AI at that. Anyone playing just one hour a day would still be far ahead of 100 xp/day.

    Usual Disclaimer: Yes, I know you have to keep it simple for now. Food for thought.

    Devil's Advocate corner: Have to be careful about someone abusing this late game at just the right time, creating a bunch of free late-start accounts and commanding by hand their own personal navy of free frigates or better, regardless the daily compensation rate. If they lose a frigate, trash the account and make a new one... As always, that scenario is a threat even without this catch-up mechanic (playing 6 accounts and/or farming/feeding self on opposing factions).
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  3. TheMaster

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    You have to bind the "new player" bonus, above the 30xp base, to the steam account or we will see an influx of new characters that just start over when the shiny ship blows.
  4. Xeen Dread

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    That's a good idea for starters, but what's to keep someone from making extra steam accounts?

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