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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by TaoZen, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. TaoZen

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    YooPoo Commanders o7.​
    Im actualy kind of new to the game since i started at the end of the previous server so if my ideas/opinions were posted befor please dont spank me o/.
    Lets begine with Fleet Command skill wich i find very interesting and strategic for assault groups that would change the speed of the game it self and please thoes that use them, what do you say about shared exp with commanding ships for example 70/30% (70 for commander and 30 for npc's or even 50/50 ?) that would make players more hasitant to use additional ships without a reason and still reward players that bring thoes with them because as for now bringing ships only serv as nothing more then cannonfoder if you didnt grind them previously :) (except brining two tenders) and there is still something that lack in Fleet command the option for npc's to hold possition and fire dont you think that would be great ? i mean still leaving original hold position it self for max shield defence.​
    I personaly fly with 2 battle ships as a support even knowing that i can lose my experienced ship for at least a day but would you not be happy knowing that taking that risk can reward thoes ships by chance ?
    Second is sector capacity that after cap6 is very unbalanced or so i think.​
    Lets see Cap4 is for T3 and less, Cap6 is for T4 and less but Cap8 for example is for T5/6 and probably 7 im not sure about the last, tell me why did you create a balance in sectors to be able to dominate with one Tier at a time then sudently destroyed that smooth balance after T4/Cap6 ?
    If it was planed then maybe it serv for some purpose maybe for higher experienced players to defend/attack weaklings in T5 with T6 or above ( as i say im not sure if above T6 in cap8 is possible ) but still i dont understand why ?
    And some off topic toughts for T1/2 (6)​
    Would it not be great to create some kind of Carrier class ship that would be able to carry interceptors or be able to spawn small ships as a main weapon ( that idea is way in future because would make game very unbalanced in every aspect without some kind of point defence skills/weapons )
    P.S : Im not a native speaker so i hope reading this didnt hurt you so mutch as i expected to do :)
    With Regards Tao Zen
  2. Baalrog

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    I actually like the idea of sharing officer points with the npc ships ur bring with u and/or them generating some xp for my captains skill too.

    It also would make sense to me since i am bringing my npc along which means a) its helping kill the enemy and b) i am running the risk of losing it for a while. Nowadays the only benefit is the somewhat limited direct control i have over the npc in comparison to the normal npc. Since the orders available to give are very basic that benefit is not very high. It mostly lies in being able to determine what lvl the npc will be.

    Therefore i support the idea of the npc contributing more and also getting some rewards for risking another of my ships instead of a faction npc.

    Regarding sectors i am undecided therefore no comment from me
  3. ben

    ben Member

    The game has a forward and back motion of success and growth, the balancing of tiers and ships was orgininaly designed to be compensated and "caught up", at the station defense lines.

    Some early complaints and changes have taken this away, as the "balancing" of ships as opposed to learning the strategic value of combined sized fleets has occurred. It is still there, but the depth of design has been narrowed, as ,,,,,,, complainers just sought to be the best on their own. (its a team work game through and through and ego heads end up sitting on the galaxy map watching it for hours endlessly)

    The value of having skilled pilots and ships at each level still exisits, IF the teams form "units" or when the game gets it factions components and 'team leaders' bring pilots through the tiers and fight over the different sized sectors.

    A "new" pilots in a scout craft, a medium pilot in a good T5 and a"skilled" pilot in a t6 can still take out 2 skilled t6 pilots,,,,,,, but it takes training and team work, and seeing each battle sector for exactly what wins it or boons your fleet against the other.
    Similarly, A very good scout, with average players has a good chance of taking out average pilots in bigger ships.

    Fleets and xp,,,,,,, i would love it if my fleets gained xp,,,,there is serious code needed to define between player AI and computer Ai, and there was some issues about people "gameing" the fields through use of ai that gave experience.
    However,,,,, if my choices for captain skills which cost me other development choices then also gave crew to my other ships, then the players who play for endless hours would all take the same stuff, along the exact same development course, and in a very short space of weeks have complete and utter control of any field they went on.

    Or as the developer one said,,,,,,, i could have made them all balanced with the same overall value, and i would have created "angry Birds -SPACE WARS",

    This game is about choosing what you want to be good at and finding teams mates that have similar or different skill sets, and then tactically over coming the enemy or a 2-4-6-8-24 hour cycle, and over the days weeks and months.

    ANd then,,,,just as they enemy thinks they have you,,,,,, you "respec", change the design of ships, fleet and captain, and then show them who knows how to fly better.

    your english is pretty good and thought structure came through well. not too hard to read.
  4. ben

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    oh, but, and, keep your ideas coming,
    because no matter what any other player writes the DEVs are adding up your ideas, others' and improving the game.

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