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  1. MLocke

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    The armor has been upgraded to give more hull points, so since that ship is heavily armored, it has a high boost in hull points.
  2. Jmp2x

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    I have three different tanks for defensive gaming against invaders when the game starts:

    Bengbu II Armored Corvette: 19 hull points and 2 power 2x shield <--- The Bengbu IV is good too, but I prefer the hull points especially if you're hit on unshielded areas.
    Oslo II Armored Defense Frigate: 29 hull points and 8 power 2x shield <--- With only 600 xp required to get, its a good early frigate to have.
    Liverpool II Defense Frigate: 19 hull points and 10 power 2x shield <--- Very expensive for a frigate (1500 xp) but an amazing ship with that much shield power.
  3. Pendragon

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    with the new hull pts increase in swordfish i'm really coming to like it the most. I mean it is loaded with 6 weapons, thats massive, the leningrad only carries 3
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  4. MLocke

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    The Typhoon is a new plasma beam ship that I've been using a lot. Great addition to Sol.

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