Sol Heavy Cruisers vs. Genari Heavy Cruisers

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  1. Kahless

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    So much debate goes on to what ships are stronger. I know back in early beta Sol was stronger (at least I think) but with the hull and power improvements on Genari Heavies I'm not sure if it is that way any more.

    Baltimore is supposedly the strongest with its firepower and engines, but Starfire can outshine it if it comes to a closeup battle. Then for long distance, the Great Wing has amazing range, and Exeter has amazing defense. Sort of a bit of rock paper scissors, but it seems to me the better player tends to win.

  2. JansenC

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    I still think the Baltimore is stronger. Especially the type 1 and 3 which have a lot more engine than the great wing or starfire. You just outmaneuver them and even with low power to your weapons, you can break through any of their shields. In a war of attrition, I don't care how much hull starfire or great wing has.
  3. SirSprout

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    Nah, the GWing is better than all of them. You'll blast thru half the baltimore's hitpoints before it can do any real damage.
    GreatWing For the Win
  4. TommyBZ

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    afaf.jpg I've never had a chance to get a capital ship in this game, so my opinion is moot, but if I had to pick a ship just for its looks, I'd pick the Starfire.
  5. 0b1000010

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    Exeter. Its underrated and under used, but with proper sol captain skill use like initiative and officer skills like shield boost (sci) and evasion (helm) you can make the ship virtually indestructible. Enough evasion with its built-in evasion ability could eliminate 50% of enemy hits, and your 30+ shields would absorb the rest.
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