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    Slaughter was once an amazing skill.
    When it was a rare occurrence that even three other player were simultaneously online with you. The overall experience gain tended to be rather low (, as there was only AI to fight).
    So there were two possible grind-options in the early-game: Venture into Ma'alaketh territory and eventually die (but gain more exp from kills), or Slaughter.
    Slaughter grants you one exp and hp per enemy crew killed. Per enemy crew. Not enemy players crew. That means you get the same amount of experience from AI and player.

    But how much is that really? A marine pod can kill up to 10 Crew. That means up to 10 exp per marine pod per battle. As 2 marine pods are even quite a lot on any c3 ship, thats 20 xp/battle.
    With the amount of players we got today that is nothing! There's always a player to shoot and even with one hit on a player c4 you instantly get more then 20xp.

    So, am I missing something, or is Slaughter just outright useless?
    Should it be buffed or at least adjusted (as in other functionality)? Or should maybe the marines themselves be reworked (for example a second shot for marine pods)?
  2. fox

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    Rank 32: fox on 18/01/11

    slaughter is set experience gain, 1 per crew killed, regardless

    Slaughter II on Captain and Marine Commander Slaughter is +3 exp per crew killed

    fox fox_18_01_11.jpg

    fox stats

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  3. Beernchips

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    Slaughter gives you XP so you can reach higher captain level faster so it can be useful early to get some bonuses. After it becomes useless because XP doesn t matter anymore
  4. fox

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    First off, let's all be on the same page. Slaughter gives bonus exp per crew killed, up to +3 exp with 2 captain traits and a marine commander officer.

    "so it can be useful early to get some bonuses."
    I would completely disagree. The early bonuses from Slaughter are pale in comparison to a high rank Marine Commander on a ship with 6 Marine pods with a Destiny support ship. I can say this, as I've played the build.
    It's very difficult to gain exp with solely Marine based strategy at LOWER captain ranks, as proper utilization of Marines comes with Slaughter and either Elite Marines (quick, easy, dirty) or Marine Expansion.

    Early on, I suggest a powerful First Honor focusing on damage and power so that you can keep up with the meta and be competitive. Aim ships with 2 marine pods at T3 or 3 marine pods at T4. Skip the T5, do not pass GO, and advance directly to a T6 Guardian.

    "After it becomes useless because XP doesn t matter anymore"
    Again, disagree. I'm not sure if there IS a point when XP doesn't matter. fox needs like 200K to catch ccX and Revinanace.

    Elite marines 2 and Slaughter as Marine Commander Officers requires three promotions and will move the Marine pods from 1-10 to 8-10. Multiply that by 6 for the Guardian Marine pod count and we get the magical 48 - 60 crew, times 3 exp is 144 - 180 exp. Are you telling me that 150 exp each time you warp to base is NOT COMPETITIVE, plus more if anyone brings at least one Destiny - Troop ship. 7 times and you have 1K exp, that is 1/60 of fox's total XP.

    OMG THE MATH.... soooo ! 420 ! yes, four hundred and twenty trips to the dock with this build and you'd have a Top 30 Account (18/01/12) ignoring all other forms of XP gain.

    How many ships are crippled due to the huge marine load? MANY. Those are ALSO worth XP. Word on the street is fox will one day be able to capture a ship and then pilot it! Can't wait. My first target will be capturing one o

    All of this is situational and I know it doesn't apply to everyone. I appreciate insightful discussion! I hope it provides a different prospective on the game and does not push people to desire a Slaughter nerf.

    I suggest you consider your posts in the future as it could deter a new player from a competitive and interesting strategy. I could be wrong here and more discussion could be useful.
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  5. Beernchips

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    What is purpose of your huge XP gain?

    For Genari captain after you get Rally 2 + the skills to get t6/t7 ships, eventually support ship, the rest arenot needed and using captain points to get Slaughter will only delay the moment you have rally 2 or T6/t7 ship
    Also without permadeath, the need for HP/LP has been reduced because you don t need to replace ships you lost, you can always tell me you want to double your ships to be sure you always have available but thats a huge invest in time to level officers.
    In addition, slaughter will block you to have expanded team 5 which is much more efficient than elite marines 2

    In the end, your demonstration is totally right and is in line with what I said : You can get get slaughter to speed up your progress towards higher ships/captain but after you reach them it is "dead" skills that don t provide bonus to kill ennemies

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