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  1. Peroox

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    I don't think this will be good idea with that system of shield. You need to spend 60 power to have 40 shields on every arc (multipler 4). The same number of power on Baltimore 3 can deal 54-72 dmg or you can use missile from Vic to do 30 dmg with cost of 6 power. I calculate dmg with officer skill that give dmg boost.

    With your proposition you will need to spend 96 power to have 40 shields on each arc. It's nonsense. Because even if you have that energy multiple enemy come to you, shot to one arc, and 78 of used power is useless.
  2. Midnightsun

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    Thats the point that you shouldnt be able to overcharge your shield to a point you are able to withstand 2 ships full firepower easily.
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  3. Peroox

    Peroox New Member

    Give an example for your thinking.
  4. biscrash

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    I understand this, and I'm okay. If multiple ships focus one ship with the same class of ship. The shield shouldn't absorb all damages and give the possibility of counter-attack at defender. In théory, he has one ally with him.
    But this configuration suggests one good coordination, and that the second ship takes a lot of risk without shield vs 2 ship with full powered arms more initiative and movespeed probably.

    Space battle is difficult :confused:
  5. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    The idea that an overcharged shiled works as well as the original Gails a bit if you read the ship guides. As well from game Play These overcharged film make you nearly indestructable on higher Tier. Especially afte the early change to upgrade the shiled class of SOL ships Right now a Tier 8+ ship from SOL can simply take nearly any sector alone. Any t6 human and all AI ships and stations are helpless
  6. Peroox

    Peroox New Member

    The problem with t8+ sol ships that solo capture sector without is not in shield but this is not the topic of this discussion.

    Still you don't give any example which sol ship can shield tank any other 2 genari ships on the same class. Especcialy on t8+ class :)

    Probably you thing about Exeter, but his passive is no to shield, but to evasion. Evasion is very random, so if you have luck enemy can miss something. Have too much situtiation when my maxed evasion don't give me any bonus, because enemy hit all shots. Still, Sol evasion was nerfed by 5%, when genari still have 30%, from important reason.

    In the most of situation enemy attack only one arc and don't bother with attacking from other sides.

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