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    Here is a new ship variant which they can players compete for a build!
    The most original and practical version of the ship will be selected; the player who submits that winning version gets 500 credits, and is mentioned in the lore for that ship.

    Time for a Genari Frigate Build!
    The go-to ship for captains who prefer using missiles instead of beams: The ship carries dual missile launchers and a singular heavy laser. A well-rounded ship with moderate armor and engine power, it also carries a complement of marines. The Firebolt type I is one of the most common frigates used by Genari -- can you make a Type IV that will follow in the generations of Firebolt variants?


    Use the system reference tables below for building your ship:







    When Building the Ship:

      • Use the Engines, Weapons, Shields and Scanners tables to select your systems.
      • You cannot exceed a total of 185 mass, and 165 crew.
      • Engine MUST be a 2x coupled set.
      • You can have 3 weapons of any type in the forward arc.
      • Base Hull points: 48
      • However, if using heavy missiles (GSEFW-5+) your base hull is 45.
      • If using missile on center hardpoint, reduce crew space by 10 (ie. max crew for ship is 155) and add 10 mass penalty.
      • Up to 3 armor hardpoints, each adds 3 hull and 10 mass
      • Up to 3 marine pod hardpoints, each adds 10 mass
      • If using light missiles on wings (GSEFW-3 or lower) you can have up to 4 armor hardpoints instead of 3
    Reference Build Example:
    Firebolt TYPE I
    Engine: GSEFHD-4x2 Crew 80 WT 40
    Power (2x13)=26
    Weapon: GSEFW-4Cx2 2F Crew 30 WT 36
    Weapon: GSEHLB-2a 1F Crew 27 WT 30
    Shield: GSEFF-3 Crew 12 WT 10
    Sensors: GSES-3 (range12) Crew 10 WT 20
    +2 Armor WT 20
    +3 Marine Pods WT 30
    Total Crew 159 WT 176
    Hull: 48+6 = 54
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  2. ShadowJudge

    ShadowJudge Member

    ohh I see, click on the thumbnail images to see the tables in full size.
  3. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    Bootleeg Halifax

    Engine: GSEFHD-4x2 Crew 80 WT 40
    Weapon: GSEFW-7 x2 2F Crew 44 WT 44
    GSEHLB-5 center Crew 15 WT 15
    Shield: GSEFF2-3 Crew 20 WT 28
    Sensors: GSES-2 Crew 6 WT 5

    +3 armor WT 30

    +2 Pods WT 20
    Total Crew:165 WT=182

    -Victory's FW-5A have range and damage boost bonuses because of the Victory design/superstructure. On a Firebolt they follow normal parameters. -Vesuvius

    -still think firebolt is a missile boat and should continue as a missile boat. sacrifice the scanner because ship's ability makes up for it. up the missile to the next level so it still have 8 range, same as the laser

    move the bonus 2 damage from the heavy laser to raw damage on missiles. slightly better at long range combat since you are not forced into range 2 for full damage on the laser. still, i feel this is more efficient then the normal bolt. plz double check is something is wrong.
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  4. Nickman77

    Nickman77 Member

    Firebolt TYPE IV- Bigger Engines like First Honor
    Engine: GSEFHD-5x2 Crew 100 WT 50
    Power (2x15)=30
    Weapon: GSEFW-4Cx2 2F Crew 30 WT 36
    Weapon: GSELB-2a 1F Crew 7 WT 7
    Shield: GSEFF-3 Crew 12 WT 10
    Sensors: GSES-3 (range12) Crew 10 WT 20
    +3 Armor WT 20
    +3 Marine Pods WT 30
    Total Crew 159 WT 183
    Hull: 48+9 = 57

    So the big change is the laser which goes from heavy laser to light laser so less damage but more speed and power and inititative.
  5. Ttt

    Ttt New Member

    Firebolt TYPE IV
    GSEFHD-6x2 Crew 120 WT 60
    Power (2x15) = 36
    Weapon: GSEFW-3 3F Crew 27 WT 30
    Shield: GSEFF2-1 Crew 12 WT 12
    Sensors: GSES-2 (range10) Crew 6 WT 5
    +4 Armor WT 40
    +3 Marine Pods WT 30
    Total Crew 165 WT 177
    Hull: 48+12 = 60

    The first Type 4 ship packed with 36 engines, designed for fast approach to Maal long range ships, with reduced shields and improved hull. Finally Gen officers are able to overcome the Liverpool Type 3 init. The shields and missiles are selected to reduce energy usage and allow maximum movement.
  6. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Firebolt IV
    Engines: GSEFHD-5 (2x15=30 power) 50 Wt 100 Crew
    Weapons: 1 x GSELB-5 15 WT 15 Crew
    2 x GSEFW-6 40Wt 36 Crew
    Scanners: GSES-3 10 Wt 10 Crew
    No shields
    Totals: 115 Wt 161 Crew
    Add 3 pods and 3 armor for 60 more Wt = 175 with (45+9)54 hull points
  7. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    Firebolt Type 4 --- Edited

    Engine: GSEFHD-4x2 80 Crew, 40 Mass, 26 Power
    Weapon: GSEFW-8x2, 60 Crew, 60 Mass
    GSELB-5, 15 Crew, 15 Mass
    Scanner: GSES-3, 10 Crew, 10 Mass
    Shields: N/A
    Armor +3, 30 Mass
    Marine Pods +3, 30 Mass
    Total Crew: 165
    Total Weight: 185
    Hull: 45+9 = 54
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  8. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Good idea heinous, an exact copy
  9. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    Lol had no idea you posted that, i was messing around with different builds for an hour and didnt see your post, good ship btw
  10. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    lol, you guys. if you just want a bolt with big bombs, lose the pods and go for the FW-8. you hit 10 damage with those. you can directly compete with pool 4 's 4 power for 20 damage
  11. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    haha, if I remember correctly I couldn't get that one on there because of crew limits.
  12. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    redid my ship with fw-8 and one tier lower engine. kept the armor and pods and came to exactly 165 crew and 185 mass, its like it was destined to be
  13. harshwind

    harshwind New Member

    Firebolt Type 4 Edited

    Engine: GSEFHD-6x2 120 Crew, 60 Mass, 36 Power
    Weapon: GSEFW-4x2, 20 Crew, 24 Mass, Damage 5
    GSELB-5, 15 Crew, 15 Mass, Max Damage 5 with + 1 damage at range 1-2
    Scanner: GSES-3, 10 Crew, 10 Mass
    Shields: N/A
    Armor +3, 30 Mass
    Marine Pods +3, 30 Mass
    Total Crew: 165
    Total Weight: 169
    Hull: 48+9 = 57

    Dropped shields and lowered beam weapon to a light beam weapon in order to make room for a bigger engine. Emphasis of the build is speed and short range still does good damage with more damaging missiles than base variant.

    Special Ability: Cool idea to make up for the lack of defense was a special ability granting 5% Evasion or maybe a copy of Liverpool's ability with extra repair point.
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  14. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    You guys need to look at the picture of the firebolt. So far the only valid ships are mine's, nickman's and amishjoe. The minimum sensors are GSES-3 and everyone else using gses-2
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