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    Here is a new ship variant which they can players compete for a build!
    The most original and practical version of the ship will be selected; the player who submits that winning version gets 500 credits, and is mentioned in the lore for that ship.

    Time for a Sol Frigate Build!
    The most popular Frigate for Sol, the Liverpool is a well-rounded warship with two primary plasma beams, effectively making it a beam frigate. Its versatility allows for allows for three current variants, all of which are popular with different styles of play. Can you make a Type IV that will also carry its own uniqueness but fit the Liverpool ethos?


    Use the system reference tables below for building your ship:






    Liverpool Hull Modifiers:
    • BASE Hull = 40
    • If ship mass is 185 or lower, automatically +4 hull
    • If ship engine power over 26, -5 hull
    • If ship engine power over 32, -10 hull
    • If ship shield tier 3 type, -4 hull
    • Additonal armor units can be added (hull points) for 3 mass each.
    When building the ship:
    • Use the Engines, Shields, Weapons, and Scanners tables to select your systems.
    • You cannot exceed a total of 190 mass, and 110 crew.
    • Engine MUST be a 2x coupled set.
    • Sensor minimum for a frigate is the SIWS-1A (10 hex range)
    • You have four weapon hardpoints (all must be beam type, no missile):
      2 Forward
      1 Port
      1 Starboard

    Reference Build Example:
    Liverpool Type I
    Engine: SIWID-6x2 Crew 48 WT 60
    Power 26
    Weapons: SIWPB-2x2 2F Crew 16 WT 70
    Weapons: SIWLB-6Bx2 1P 1S Crew 6 WT 24
    Shields: SIWFF2-3 power6 Crew 15 WT 20
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew 89 WT 184
    Hull: 44 (40 base + 4 hull bonus)
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  2. ShadowJudge

    ShadowJudge Member

    Cool, will try one this time.
  3. Baalrog

    Baalrog Member

    Liverpool - Type IV (Hit and Run)
    Engine: SIWID-6x2 Crew 48 WT 60
    Power 26
    Weapons: SIWPB-3Ax2 2F Crew 24 WT 120 - Center only - DMG 6x2 within 8 RNG +2 DMG Plasma Bonus
    Shields: None
    Sensors: SIWS-1A (range10) Crew 2 WT 5
    Total Crew 74 WT 185
    Hull: 39 (40 base -5 (26 ENG)+ 4 hull bonus WT 185) Hull 44 -Vesuvius
    Ship Special Armored Engines

    Visualized as a Hit and Run ship, which doesnt need to close to do decent damage. Therefore better chance to get back behind an asteroid or loose line of sight. No shields needed as not much contact expected. Armored Engines to avoid Hits to the back and less need to turn the ship after running.
    Engines can either be dedicated to full weapons or more movement as needed on the map.

    -Engine power is 26, not OVER 26, so there is no minus -5 hull penalty -Vesuvius
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  4. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    Engine: SIWID-6x2 Crew 48 WT 60
    Power 26
    Weapons: SIWPB-1x4 Crew 20 WT 100
    Shields: SIWFF2-3 power6 Crew 15 WT 20
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew 87 WT 190
    Hull: 40

    Whats the lore behind PB-1. early prototype? i always feel liverpool is fine the way it is and most of the variants gained minor advantages at cost of major glaring flaws. I feel this variant is what i would call a mid range ship with decent accuracy. it does not improve on the damage of Pool 1 but it skip out on the lasers, which no one use as anti marine anyways, and turn it into something that can attack ships at longer distance.

    -Exactly, the PB-1 is an early prototype here is the lore below 9since no ship in the game has the weapon to mouse over and read the lore written for it): -Vesuvius

    Ming Industries paved the way to Plasma Beam technology, and this prototype beam was the first of its kind. Besides the increased power and range, it was far more accurate than the standard laser. It was considered too heavy, however, and never really applied to the ships of the line. The amount of R&D costs nearly bankrupt the company, and Ming fell out of competition with other military contractors. They now only produce laser beams which still have great demand with corvette and frigate class ships.
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  5. Decimus

    Decimus New Member marine pods for Sol *sniff sniff*

    -There eventually will be... albeit a little weaker than Genari marines -Vesuvius
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  6. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    Liverpool - Brawler

    Engines: SIWID-7x2 Crew 70 Mass 82
    Weapons: SIWLB-7x4 Crew 20 Mass 72
    Shields: SIWFF2-1 Crew 5 Mass 4
    Scanners: SIWS-2 Crew 4 Mass 10

    Power: 32
    Damage: 16 (+4 from Range) = 20
    Scanners: 12
    Hull: 40 (-5 from engines >26) = 35 (+6 from hull additions) = 41
    Ship Skill: +1 Hull Repair

    Total Mass: 188
    Total Crew: 99

    -Essentially a fast Oslo -Vesuvius
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  7. Decimus

    Decimus New Member

    Liverpool Escort

    Engines: SIWID-6*2 Crew 48 Mass 60
    Weapons: 4*SIWLB-7 Crew 20 Mass 72
    Shields: SIWFF-2 Crew 3 Mass 2
    Scanners:SIWS-1A Crew 2 Mass 5

    Total Mass: 139 (Not counting armor additions)
    Total Crew: 73
    Total Damage Output: 16 +4 from range = maximum 20
    Total Hull: 40 + 4 (Less than 185 mass) + 15 (185-139 = 46/3=15.333) = 59 Hull points

    So, here's my rationale for creating this ship: there's already standard, fast, and heavy variants of the Liverpool, but nothing to deal with a large number of small, agile corvettes. So, this is the answer. Lasers covering almost all sides from marine pods + provides counter fire against higher initiative enemies, while the engines push it along just as fast as the standard Liverpool, allowing it to escape if needed. But, the final aspect that really sets this ship apart is it's health.

    At lower tiers, most ships are agile enough to flank enemy ships in a single round, fire, and then escape, rendering shields less effective than at high tiers, as it is not a feasible strategy to shield all around a ship. So, this ship has virtually no shields, and has traded them all for the ability to stay in the fight for longer than most other frigates. Say what you like about the Liverpool, but it doesn't like getting hit without shields, meaning it can get swarmed or tanked quite easily. However, this variant would even enable its captain to go toe to toe with other heavy Genari frigates and win through sheer attrition, something only the Oslo can boast. But, this variant of the Liverpool would gift its captain with a higher initiative and an avenue of escape not available to the Oslo, making it a viable option in case of attack by a more powerful foe.

    This ship could be brought along as a tough AI to guard tenders, or to protect larger capital ships from those pesky Agile Flyers, making it not only a good weapon for fighting weaker and same tier ships but also making it valuable to any larger battlegroup that might need a spot filled in the line of battle for a short while or some raiding corvettes destroyed.

    Also, please tell me if there are any mistakes in my calculations ;)


    Also, what are the skills we can pick from for our ship? Is it just officer points etc.?
    -Essentially AN OSLO with weak shields
    -You can use any of those ship skills you see sol has on any ships you've seen. -Vesuvius
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  8. Ttt

    Ttt New Member

    Engine: SEWID-7x2 Crew 70 WT 84
    Power 32
    Weapons: 2f SIWLB-9 Crew 12 WT 40
    1s1a SILWB-5 Crew 6 WT 24
    Shields: SIWFF3-2 Crew 15 WT 20
    Sensors SIWS-2 Crew 4 WT 10
    +4 Armor 12WT
    Ship Skill: Improved Rotation
    Total Crew 107 WT 190
    Hull: 39 (unsure if this is correctly calculated)

    A laser only variant designed to be manoeuvrable and give damage close in while moderately able to hit at a distance.

    -Similar build to Heinous's ship, a fast Oslo, this time with more shields less firepower -Vesuvius
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  9. JansenC

    JansenC Member

    Making a single super beam ship!

    Engine: SIWID-6x2 Crew 48 WT 60
    Power 26
    1 forward Weapon: SIWPB-6Bx1 Crew 25 WT 105
    Shields: SIWFF2-2 power4 Crew 8 WT 12
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew 85 WT 187 +1 armor extra
    Hull: 40+1 =41

    -Cool idea, though you do lose a lot of firepower with just that one heavy beam. If there was a way to squeeze in smaller port/starboard beams... -Vesuvius
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  10. ShadowJudge

    ShadowJudge Member

    Hmmm some1 took my idea already for a sip above. I would make a heavy armored ship too with lasers only.
  11. fox

    fox New Member

    Liverpool Type IV
    Engine: SIWID-6x2 Crew 48 WT 60
    Power 26
    Weapons: SIWPB-2x2 2F Crew 16 WT 70
    Weapons: SIWLB-4Ax2 1P 1S Crew 4 WT 12
    Shields: SIWFF2-1 power2 Crew 5 WT 4
    Sensors: SIWS-1A (range10) Crew 2 WT 5
    Additional armor units +11 WT 33
    Total Crew 75 WT 185 151 - Vesuvius
    ^Revision: Total Crew 75 WT 184

    Hull: 55 (40 base + 4 hull bonus + 11 additional armor units)

    Passive: Efficient Repairs (+1 Repair Point per round)

    Years of infiltration efforts by a rogue New Terra pirate produced results; influence of the Sol High command. Commadore Vulpes display of new fleet command tactics caught the ever vigilant gaze of research and development directors. A Liverpool, built as a Command and Control frigate flagship, concept was concieved based on the young Sol Fleet Commander's desires to utilitze the Liverpool in a different light. Relying on allied Sol ships for information on the battlefield and scanner lock targets and allied ships to provide hit and run assaults the Liverpool IV became a Sol pilots go-to ship for fleet command endeavours.
    Commander Maghou Shiro's impelementation of overloaded weapons, as well as Genari Warrior Zadokan's terror tactics, fearing certainly not death, begaut needs for a Sol Frigate that could withstand the Genari rally cries of victory in the form of additional armor playing. Modifications to the Liverpool chasis took place in the shipyards of Arcturus, far from the reaches of Genari sabateurs.
    Time and time again the SIWPB-2 forward plasma hardpoint mounts proved effective at carving holes in Genari hull. These remained, while modifications to the shield and sensor hardpoints reduced mass to allow for added armor playing.
    (lore not to be included, just my space fantasy)

    -A lot of Oslo fans out there! I'm surprised there aren't more Oslo's being played lol. This one is very similar to Oslo type III -Vesuvius
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  12. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    everyone wants armored pool. is it possible to convert a weapon hard point to a shield hard point so it can use tier 4 shields?

    -No, shields are not on the same hardpoints as a weapon, in case of Genari, sometimes armor/marines cross over, but that's it. -Vesuvius
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  13. Decimus

    Decimus New Member

    Yeah, I just like the idea of having a Liverpool that can take punches. I'd have to say, I would play the Oslo more, but it just doesn't have enough engine power for me.
  14. fox

    fox New Member

    Changing the ship passive could be an option as well. Say moding Bling's PB-1 array to have Damage Boost (+1 Increased Power Potential to Beam Weapons) from Leningrad. Or, Armored Weapons (Weapons cannot be damaged by enemy fire.) from the Mendi. Or, the Devastator Passive of +1 to shield arcs could bring the resilience of a 26 engine lower hull 'pool up a notch.

    -And... that was what I was thinking earlier with bling's ship. -Vesuvius
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  15. CpZen

    CpZen Member

    Hope I'm not too late, I wanted to figure this all out before I put something up. Superfast liverpool3

    Engine: SIWID-7Ax2 Crew 80 WT 90
    Power 34!!!
    Weapons: 2F SIWPB-2 Crew 16 WT 70
    Shields: SIWFF2-2 Crew 8 WT 12
    Sensors SIWS-2 Crew 4 WT 10
    Ship Skill: Improved Rotation
    Total Crew 18 WT 182
    Hull: 40-10+4 =34

    -Indeed it is an even faster Liverpool III, but too similar then, not unique enough for type IV -Vesuvius
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  16. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    Blingon's entry wins the contest!

    Engine: SIWID-6x2 Crew 48 WT 60
    Power 26
    Weapons: SIWPB-1x4 Crew 20 WT 100 2F 1P 1S
    Shields: SIWFF2-3 power6 Crew 15 WT 20
    Sensors: SIWS-2 (range12) Crew 4 WT 10
    Total Crew 87 WT 190
    Hull: 40
    Specialty: Beam weapon damage boost

    Also, Fox's idea of beam weapon damage boost improving the 'punch' of this ship makes this complete.
    Blingon is awarded 400 credits, and Fox is awarded 100 credits and a Liverpool IV in his Sol account.
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  17. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    i am not okay with the ability. this boat can do 20 damage on 4 powers ( 1 power on each plasma+1 from ship ability+1 from officer skill+2 from range bonus=5 5x4 guns=20) at 2 range with it going at 14 moves(22 engines=14.33 moves) with a not upgraded engine( 26). a normal pool need twice that power to achieve the damage. rather it be 10% accuracy to compensate for the shorter range.
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