Proposed Change - Camera/Perspective Auto-Center

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Xeen Dread, Jun 10, 2020.


Do you like Auto-Centering camera with each turn?

  1. Yes, it's helpful. Think of the noobs.

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  2. Doesn't bother me either way, casually cool.

  3. Not at all. I like to drive stick.

  1. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Pretty simple one here:

    Proposition that the camera does not forcibly auto-center on the player every time a new turn begins (friend or foe, player or AI, camera snaps-to every new turn...) or give an option to disable this in the settings if for some reason people like the current operation. Understandable if the camera focused on self when YOUR turn began only (I'd prefer manual control). Other than that, don't move the camera!

    It's quite easy enough to center on self by tapping spacebar. Otherwise, the auto-centering 'feature' is incredibly disruptive and aggravating when trying to spend your free time to gather information about a target or count tiles and plan turns ahead of time, etc., thus speeding up the pace of the game for self and all present + ensuring enough time to complete a well planned turn (avoiding having to plan on the clock as much as possible), only to snap back to yourself and throw off the whole process. Auto-centering serves little purpose.

    @Vesuvius_SWIE we love you, hang in there.

    Comments/perspectives welcome.
  2. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    i feel this is a minor inconvenience compared to more pressing matters like bugged up three way maps. would need to ask why the game wants to auto center in the first place. is it a client-server refresh mechanic? Is it lazy programming?
  3. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I agree that it is minor in comparison to other issues. In no way am I arguing priority of game updates here, but rather want to focus on what would be good for the game/what people want. I totally understand limited programmer resources and things get done when they get done.

    I've got a pile of proposals. Some minor some major, some are interlinked on a big scale. I'm getting to writing them down as I can. Got some work to do. At least 6 more I wanna post.
  4. Ian McAlister

    Ian McAlister New Member

    I could go either way, depending on other changes proposed, namely AI control. It doesn't bother me much except when trying to set AI directions while the turn is in progress.

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