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Return to the previous patch?

  1. Roll back

  2. Hope for the best with the next patch

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    The latest patch introduced a monetization scheme that is fairly controversial. Some like it, some hate it, some are ambivalent about it. However, it risks putting the game into a negative review spiral, and due to the nature of Steam, once you hit negative reviews, it takes a mountain of work to get back from that point, potentially killing the game before it has had time to grow and flourish.

    With that in mind, and considering the amount of dev time it might take to come up with a new monetization scheme (if such a scheme is being developed), the simplest solution is to simply roll back to the previous version. This buys time, and removes the offending parts of the update that may cause the negative review death spiral. The devs can then come up with a mini patch that removes the monetization scheme, or gives them time to just roll everything into the next patch that would have naturally come along.

    There were other things in the latest patch that would be rolled back as well, which won't be great to lose, but it can stop the bleeding. As long as the previous version still exists somewhere (god I hope they have backups, and if they don't, why not), this basically costs no dev time. It may be a server reset as well, but hey, this is beta (or alpha, or a demo, or whatever, you get the idea, shit happens).

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    Get a job...

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