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  1. Mavrick

    Mavrick New Member

    Hi ves - I entered a map and noticed there was no 'points' bar across the top.
    Also - if your AI has dma2 as an upgrade - why would the ship need to go to the edge to leave the map?



    Sector is 1512 ves
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  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    AI DMA2 -- because it hasn't been programmed in -- its called an edge case. Another thing to add to the flu-ridden programmers work.

    Screenshots are too small, trying to figure out what sector that is.
  3. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    S 1714, S 1404 and S 1405 seems bugged no AI ships spawning for Sol when Genari attacks
  4. Baalrog

    Baalrog Member

    @Vesuvius_SWIE - Monetizing the game / changes for casual players
    My impression so far is, that there doesnt seem to be a clear path for the future of the game with regards to earning money for the developers.

    I think we can all agree, that a game usually needs to make money in the long run or it will get canned, which would be an absolute shame in this case. In this case i also think the game wont get a huge player base, so therefore it needs continous funding and not be bought and done for - or at least a combination of both. On the other hand nobody wants a game where u pay to win.

    Therefore i would suggest that the stuff u can buy goes along the line of making it easier for the player for a certain amount of time. Lets say that somebody has a decent job and some social life so u can only pay a couple evenings and maybe a few hours on the weekend (like me obviously). Therefore my playtime is restricted in comparison to other people. To make up for that it would be helpful to make the most of my playtime.
    To help with i see a few options like getting a xp boost for a certain amount of time or reducing or negating the cooldown time of a specific or all ships.
    All things which help in the moment without giving a decisive advantage in battle with other players per se.

    Also there should be more vanity items if u want to monetize the game somewhat.

    Please discuss.

    Cheers Baal

    P.S.: Maybe there should be no cooldown on ships for new players for the first week or something like that, to keep them trying longer and not get frustrated that much if they die often in the beginning.
  5. Umari

    Umari New Member

    A "grace period" for new players doesn't sound half bad, if we're not gonna bring back permadeath. hell, even if you do bring it back.
  6. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Patch update 1/30/18

    -Added a new sector isolation feature to the game. When one or more sectors which do not contain structures are no longer directly connected to a shipyard via other sectors of the same faction they will be identified as isolated. When a sector becomes isolated a timer will begin and if it is still isolated when the timer hits 0 the sector(s) will switch control over to the opposing faction. Locked sectors will not be considered as isolated until after the lock is removed.
    -The ability to delete characters has been disabled for the remainder of this server season.
    -Addressed an issue regarding the AI that would result in server performance issues over an extended period of time.
    -Fixed a visual issue where the faction icons were incorrectly flipped on the siege bar for multimap sectors.
    -The XP earned from capturing and defending sectors has been doubled.
    -The siege points earned for destroying stations and defense platforms has been increased:
    Class XIII: 50 points
    Class XII: 40 points
    Class XI: 30 points
    Class X: 20 points
    Under Class X: 10 points
  7. biscrash

    biscrash New Member

    This can be cool. Yes.

    But I think the prob goes deeper. I think it's not one prob of expérience of game. The unbalance between 2 ships with the same class is due to the captain point and officers. It is creating the opportunity for chain killing newbies, and create frustration cause one feeling of powerlessness for this news players.
    The old players will never want to lose their advantages ( maybe by fear to fight on an equal footing, or because farm and progress on his ship are too important for players. We can maybe envisage of unlocking trades of weapons on his ships, or advantages with a compromise for spécialize its ship. But this option removes the strategic capacity of a good captain (player) to know the capacities of the opposite ships and plan a strategy by basing itself above ).

    I love the potential of this game, but I told to my friends not to come at present. Because I don't want that they are disgusted by the game.
  8. Baalrog

    Baalrog Member

    I think older players should have same advantage over new players otherwise whats the point of progression? How far that is gonna carry you is a whole different question. Also in the beginning it is very hard to differentiate between expertise and skill of older players and the advantage u get from skills.
    Chain killing newbies ist not fun and not remotely fair. But as far as i could see, newbies are mostly given the chance to leave on their own. If they dont read the chat or dont know when they are outclassed, then the will be killed. No other way to capture a sector otherwise which is the whole point of the game.

    Quick Question: Is there a specific reason for not allowing more than 2 Captain respeccs?
  9. biscrash

    biscrash New Member

    Not really, actually very often it is easy to identify that one ship of the same class is more powerful by its simple advantages, and not because the captain (player) makes a technical exploit.
  10. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Patch update for 2/6/18
    • A new AI Faction Limit has been added to all sectors. All AI controlled combat ships will count towards this new value, and once the AI faction limit has been hit reinforcement ships and players with Fleet Commander ships will be blocked from entering.
    • AI controlled ships are now more strategic and will turn to utilize their aft, starboard, and port weapons in combat.
    • End of server season achievements are now available. Legacy Medals and Credits will be awarded to players with characters that meet the achievement fulfillment requirements at the time of the server season ending. The Legacy Medals and Credits will be awarded the next time the player loads the server selection screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the Genari Legendary Strategist medal was not displaying any information in the medals box.
    • The closed server list will now order previous servers from most recent to oldest.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to earn Siege Points in Hive and Ma'alaketh sectors.
    • Fixed an issue where shipyards were not sending reinforcements to the same sector or the same map for which they reside.
    • Sectors that contain defense platforms have had their Faction Limits doubled.
    • Sectors with a faction limit of 2 or 4 now only permit class I, II, and III ships.
    • Fixed an issue where defense platforms were not awarding siege points.
    • Addressed several issues that were preventing some of the smaller and larger Hive and Ma'alaketh reinforcements from appearing.
    • Fixed an issue preventing the Ma'alaketh ship T'aavor from appearing in the Ship Glossary.
    • Fixed an issue with the Isolated sectors feature marking areas that are not valid as Isolate.
    • The point requirements for upgrading officers have been changed:
      • All Officers Except for Tactical:
        • Level 1 Requirement: 1 point
        • Level 2 Requirement: 10 points
        • Level 3 Requirement: 40 points
        • Level 4 Requirement: 80 points
        • Level 5 Requirement: 120 points
      • Tactical Officer:
        • Level 1 Requirement: 5 points
        • Level 2 Requirement: 10 points
        • Level 3 Requirement: 30 points
        • Level 4 Requirement: 50 points
        • Level 5 Requirement: 70 points
        • Level 6 Requirement: 80 points
        • Level 7 Requirement: 90 points
        • Level 8 Requirement: 100 points
        • Level 9 Requirement: 110 points
        • Level 10 Requirement: 120 points
    • Major balancing update for ship variants, so that all variants are favored more equally.
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  11. Suno

    Suno Member

    You're a beast Ves, one of the best updates to date.
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