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  1. ben

    ben Member

    i have small glitch,,, after return to base for repairs, ships will not leave dock.
    i log out and return.
    i am using swordfish,
    benevolence was in transit,
    seam not to be able to enter at all at the moment.
    will re log again.
    i will let computer cool down for some minutes and re-try,
    over the past two days i was having to select enter galaxy twice. now i can not enter at all.
    it appears i have completly glitched in enter galaxy screen.

    all my support ships are in cool down
    benevolence, elbe and klondike.
    adimin, i will re-load game if it is my end,,,,,,,,
    but kinda hope,,well,,,, i'll see what happens.

    well perhaps my computer can not handle web site and game been open,,,,
    man nearly lost my current love.
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  2. Mavrick

    Mavrick New Member

    I have a similar issue - pressing the (enter galaxy) button the screen will freeze - its happen to me twice in 9 hours.
    have to quit and reload.
    Not sure if I am being too quick on the button......
  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    It has to do with the new patch for sure, I wish it would happen to me so I can figure out the cause.

    I wonder if it has to do with this bug fix on the last patch:
    "Once the Enter Galaxy button is hit all other buttons on the Spacedock will now be disabled."

    Though I don't see how.
  4. Mavrick

    Mavrick New Member

    It was happening before the patch, sorry me bad should have brought it up before (sometimes you dont know what has been previously stated)

    Just happened in the last 10mins - but I did take a closer interest in the screen this time.
    Possible that the "officer" chart on the bottom right was not there (I hit the button before the screen was completely loaded)
    Just tested it - yep that is the issue for me - It will bring you back to the dock but pressing (enter galaxy) freezes the screen.
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  5. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Also, on another tangent, it looks like sell/dismiss ship will be also implemented next week. (you get a 40% refund selling your ship).
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  6. fox

    fox New Member

    Example: I sell my fox's Guardian 3 for 40% and immediately use that, plus 60%, to buy a Guardian 1.

    Possible allowance for officer transfer across sold/bought ships of the same model (in this case the Guardian model), i.e. sell a G3, but a G1, 40% of officer points are now applied to the new G1.

    Also, perhaps just an option to hide ships? I would prefer to keep all the T3s, but not have the assortment of ships "cluttering" MY shipyard.
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  7. Trident

    Trident New Member

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  8. Midnightsun

    Midnightsun Member

    As well the invisible Bugs. And please consider further to evaluate ship values per sector. It isnt fun if t4 and t5 fight and a t7 or t8 jumps in
  9. Suno

    Suno Member

    Ok so I played the patch for a week + now I think i'm ready to give my opinion.

    I don't think the tier cap sizes really reflect player progression especially past the second defense line feels a bit like a 1v1 2v2 death-match right now where the better ships wins instead of tactical fleet play. If we estimate that the population is going to be at the very least 10x higher, these sizes will not work at all IMO.

    Ganking still happens, t8's can warp in on t3's and make it feel very one-sided I don't think caps are the solution really its just actives and lack of experience and very fast ships that get these players killed when given the tier difference they should have quite a good chance of getting away safely(which they feasibly can't if the player is skilled and has a ship leveled enough).

    I do like the new tiering system I think it just needs to be upped and the maps closer to the home-world need to be bigger. Everything past the second defense line should be 12 faction limit at the very least with maybe the majority of them being 16. If you are worried about these sectors taking longer to cap you can simply just remove faction limit and sectors being parallel and make it so you can still have 30 point 16 faction limit sectors.
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  10. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

    So I was fighting Masked earlier in a map. At point blank range, the accuracy on my laser was 75%. I thought that was a little low considering I have the +30% accuracy officer skill. Here are some screenshots.

    After doing the math on it, theres no combination of evasion and accuracy that I currently have to display a hard 75%. Base accuracy of the laser is 50%. An additional 30% bumps that up to 65%. However at point blank range, your accuracy is always 95% and Im assuming accuracy is calculated after evasion, so in theory would give me an extra 15% accuracy at the end. To only get 75% accuracy at point blank range would mean the guy has 35% evasion.
  11. Umari

    Umari New Member

    Ves, the freeze on undocking appears to happen when you undock before the officer icons have loaded. For example, docking and undocking very quickly to 'refuel'.
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  12. Umari

    Umari New Member

    Just got a firestorm iii and noticed that, despite having 'insulated lasers', the lasers can be damaged. my opponent was using targeting, so that may be the reason. Is this working as intended or no?
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  13. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Lasers should not be damaged even with targeting skill; similar to mendi where its lasers shouldn't be damaged either (unless by explosion). So it is a bug.
  14. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Space Wars Patch Notes 1/16/2018

    • Players now have the ability to sell their ships from the Ship Details or Shipyard section of the Spacedock. 40% of the Honor/Leadership point cost for the ship will be refunded to the player upon its sale. All officers and their levels/skills on a ship that is sold will be lost.
    • All sectors that contain a shipyard (EG: Earth) have had their faction limits doubled.
    • The Evasive V skill for the Sol Helmsman has had its modifier reduce to 25% from 30%.
    • The ship skill Genari Monolith has had its modifier reduce to 5% from 10%.
    • Leaving a map while still in combat will incur a retreat penalty preventing the player from re-entering that same sector with the same ship for a 30 minute period. The time remaining will appear on the disabled engage button.
    • Repair ships will now generate XP for the player piloting only when another ship uses the repair points given to repair.
    • Repairing one’s own ship now prioritizes using one’s own repair points before using those given by a repair ship.
    • Sectors now have restrictions for specific ship classes that are allowed to enter.
      • Sectors with a Faction Limit of 6 and lower can now only support Class I-IV ships.
      • Sectors with a Faction Limit of 9 and lower can now only support Class I-VI ships.
      • Sectors with a Faction Limit of 11 and lower can now only support Class I-VIII ships.
    • Sectors with a Faction Limit of 12 and higher have no ship class restrictions.
    • AI Reinforcements ships will now remain in a sector for a longer amount of time before leaving.
    • All ships (Player, Support, Fleet Commander, AI Reinforcement, and NPC Civilian) will now be properly represented on the Sector Details on the Galaxy Map.
    • Medical, Repair, and Troop ships that are the player’s primary ship not following as a support ship will now count towards the faction limit of a sector.
    • Fleet commander ships will no longer follow support ships if piloted by a player.
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  15. ben

    ben Member

    it appears the lock out is only on offense, defense players can still return , straight away.
  16. ccX

    ccX New Member

    Have the same problem on my GW2
  17. Heinous

    Heinous New Member

  18. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Quick hotfix today:
    The retreat lockout timer for sectors now applies to both attackers and defenders.
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  19. Peroox

    Peroox New Member

    @Heinous but you know that on 1 hex range you always have maximum accuracy and that is 95% no matter of weapon acc? So you can't have more than it with accuracy bonus and then come evasion. That's how I think that work.
  20. Mavrick

    Mavrick New Member

    Leaving a map while still in combat will incur a retreat penalty preventing the player from re-entering that same sector with the same ship for a 30 minute period. The time remaining will appear on the disabled engage button.

    Sorry Ves I see a problem with this - It should not be allocated to the ship but rather the player. The reason being that it can be advantageous to one person if they know how to use this facility to the fullest (if this is the object of the update that is fine).

    What is stopping someone from milking damages - also delivering damages to the enemy - decide that the enemy is mid-low in hull and most likely used their rallies, marines etc, exit and jump into their 'spare' like level ship and re-enter next turn. If you get a favorable spawn not only would you know the relative position of the weakened ship - most likely they do not know you have left and you are currently re-entering the map, also the enemy player does not know where you spawned and they may move towards you (of course they get an idea where ships are by their movement and contacts during the turn phases - as you have not moved yet, you can be anywhere within the map), their strength and the added bonus you have a brand new maxed out ship, can in the right situations deliver a hefty blow.

    All players do not have this important information when you first enter the map. I actually think that the map should be 'blank' with the ships positions not visual during the warping in phase - you would not know the disposition of your fleet and an estimate of where the active enemy are before arriving. I have planned strikes during this phase of the game to some success and I bet others have too.

    If the update was to make the above a possibility - that is fine.

    I would suggest all players have multiple ships of the same type - so off to the shipyard and to get a number of Vic 3's.

    As I am not here just to voice issues - a solution may be as well as a 30 min hold for ships there is a 10-15 min hold for players from re-entering.

    Ves the decisions are yours.
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