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    Officer leveling is a very important part of the game and there is nothing , that really explains it in the forum (as far as i could see), therefore my experience with it so far after playing for a week and reading the more recent forum posts:

    First off u need capture points to even start leveling the officers - to be precise 1 capture point for the first level.
    After u got the cp u can promote an officer to the first level, which gains him a skill point and sets up a cooldown for the next promotion - be it the same officer or another (cooldown 23 hours or 11 hours 30 min with captains talent).
    If i understand it correctly officer skill points only come with promotions, so if u want to have more than one skill for the officer u need to promote him further for which u need more capture points.

    Therefore if u dont have enough capture points its better to promote each officer to the first level and pick the appropriate skills, which helps the ship survive.

    There are a total of five levels for the officers, therefore each officer can gain 5 Skills total of the ones available in each skill tree.

    I hope I got it correct - if not please expand and/or clarify, since its a very important topic for new players.

    Cheers Baal
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    Only one note, Genari Tactical Officer can get up to lvl 10, so once you achieve 50 officer points, the Genari Tactical Officer can get all the way up to lvl 10.
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    Well i might be mistaken about the number of officer levels, not there yet. I took the number of five levels from the officer guides.

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