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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Midnightsun, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Midnightsun

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    Yesterday Sol ang Gen players tried to designate systems for c3 battles. Unfortunately c4 to c6 jumped in. The problem will be later as well that new players will fight jigher tier ships without any impact. I think this game needs designated zones for example for only tier 2 to tier 4 . Free for all zones and high tier zones. Otherwise new players wont have any sucess moments and leave the game right away. We can come up with background story if needed. Asteriods making it to dangerous for bigger ships etc...
  2. Beernchips

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    People need to understand that having only high tier ships will not be a viable option because you will have low speed and low scanning unless you give up powering shields and weapons.
    Having big ships with deadly weapons is useless if you can t spot the enemy or get in range of him.
    New players will have to understand the mechanics of the game (like in ALL games) and understand that starting ships don t make you front line or dps machines but make you a scout for your team
  3. Korsun

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    You don't have to power up all your weapon or shield. You can get a sluggish t5 in scout mode that way:)

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