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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Junpine, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Kuwanger

    Kuwanger New Member

    I discovered the game thru kickstarter. I'm currently playing Dark Souls III and Stellaris. I'm into the turnbased ship combat idea though I haven't played any turn based games in a while.
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  2. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Same way I came here, Kuwanger. It looks a great game, I'm glad I got in on the KS campaign, and think it's a shame that it looks like it's not going to fund. However, as Vesuvius has promised that the game is going on regardless, I'm not worried about that.
  3. Kai55

    Kai55 New Member

    I've been playing Star Trek Online for a long while, people know me there under this handle. Trying to branch out to different games & MMO's and this one caught my fancy.
  4. Moe Reyes

    Moe Reyes New Member

    Hey guys, found out about the game from Kickstarter. I'm pleased to hear it's still going to release even if the campaign wasn't successful.
  5. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Looks like its going to be a great game. I am a fan of any xcom game, still playing the original(finally beat it on superhuman). Trying to win enemy unknown on impossible. I also enjoyed Star Fleet Academy on SNES. Pretty much any TBS or space ship game gets my attention, so you have mine. Possessor of an original NES that still works most of the time. I have been around a while also, lol. Kickstarter backer as well.
  6. Nautix

    Nautix New Member

    Came across the game literally a couple of days ago and found out that I was 4 days too late for the kickstarter. I was extremely disappointed to actually see it cancelled and had this whole conversation with a friend since we were actively looking for a turn based space ship multiplayer game with strategy involved! We were kind of disappointed for a few minutes, until we realized that it did not affect the actual production and release, which lifted our spirits greatly.

    Glad to see that the game is still on schedule and looking forward to it!

    On the Introduction side, I go by Nautix (unless for some reason it's taken) and Sci-Fi space games are what usually peeks my interest. RTS and MMOs are what made me look for something like this and in the end, glad to have found it!
  7. TommyBZ

    TommyBZ New Member

    Hi guys, I'm a fan of the genre, played thru all the Homeworld games (including the remastered edition and the ground-based prequel), and I did play the oldschool Final Fantasy. Fan of Star Trek, and this game intrigues me. I'm from Australia, so my time zones on this MMO might be off from the rest you :)
  8. Sarah

    Sarah New Member

    Hi all, I'm a fan of turn based games, and I'm influenced by shows like Star Trek and Firefly quite a bit. (Funny one of the ships are named Firefly). I've played a lot of Pillars of Eternity lately, and Final Fantasy XIV. I get the feeling that this game will be the kind that I can play while playing another game simultaneously while waiting for my turns.
  9. TYROS

    TYROS New Member

    hi, im an old ToH player (MaximusUK) and looking forward to playing this game and maybe catching up with some old toh buddies, also play eve-online for over 10 years.
  10. SirElric

    SirElric Member

    Welcome fellow TOH player!
  11. BlueMaro

    BlueMaro New Member

    I found the site browsing thru MMOhuts and a review came up. I've been looking for a game like this for years. If its truly the turn-based strategy kind of game with starships, I'm in.

    -Fan of Bablyon 5, some Star Trek
    -Playing Stellaris right now
  12. Mihai

    Mihai New Member

    I Play Star Trek Timelines, Star Trek Alien Domain, War Commander and Liberators now ...
    Looking forward to play this one too...
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  13. ShadowJudge

    ShadowJudge Member

    I did try Star Trek Alien Domain I liked it, but they did too much of that money gouging thing and pay for power like they did for Heroes Kingdoms.
  14. NegativeBurn

    NegativeBurn New Member

    Love games, always have. This reminds me a lot of the tabletop game Twilight Iimperium. I hope Space Wars gets a good starting momentum.
  15. Squishymaster

    Squishymaster New Member

    Hello from Pax East 2017!

    It was a pleasure to see this game and chat with the booth crew at this year's Pax East. The game looks really interesting and I look forward to jumping into a full match. I've been playing games since Nintendo growing up and currently have the X1 and PS4 plus a good gaming rig. I play everything from side scrollers to FPS to epic RPGs and some browser based games. I love the idea of this game since Eve is a bit much for me to jump into right now between all my major commitments but this looks like a great game I can jump into or leave behind for a reset or two for when I have more time again. See you in space!
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  16. CPTcrush

    CPTcrush New Member

    PAX EAST is where i met the team and game Thanks from me and The Great City of BOSTON!
  17. haroldkin

    haroldkin New Member

    Games I play:
    Presently, I just got back into Pox Nora, so learned of Space Wars through the DOG website.

    Why I'm Interested in Space Wars:
    I used to love playing Galactic Civilizations, going all the way back to its origins on the OS/2 operating system.
    Also really enjoyed Malfador's Space Empires series. Haven't played a space themed TBS in quite a while, but
    Space Wars looks great and I expect good things from the makers of Pox Nora.
  18. Kalmor

    Kalmor New Member

    I saw a post on mmorpg website about this game and decided to check it out. After my first day of playing im hooked.
    I've been gaming for quite a few years. going from FPS in the 90 and RPG's after that. Play WoW for ten years and the Diablo series. I also got into the X-com series and Baulders gate.
    I'm looking forward to getting to know the game better and meeting fellow players.
  19. gegener

    gegener Member

    hello, members!

    I am an hold pox player but i stop the game for some reason but i still have it in my heart ^^
    35 years old i am a technicien in software guid and debug/bug report (with mantis bug tracker^^).
    i love to play turn based game like pox nora^^, HOMM, XCOM(i start on the first version on win95 or older not sure ^^), fallout tactic, ...
    i was looking for a space ship fight game in turn based during the 5 last year and you create it!

    i am really exigent in game i play
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  20. Ormagodon

    Ormagodon New Member

    Hello Spacewars forum,

    I enjoy playing survival and rpg's but turn based have always been a favorite of mine, many thousands of hours were spent on the classic civilization and xcom games, and I still play their predecessors today.

    Currently I'm playing: ARK:Survival Evolved the most and a few others sporadically.
    Looking forward to doing some testing out in space~ :)
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