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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Junpine, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. The Highlander

    The Highlander New Member

    Hi Guys an Gals im also looking to the forthcoming beta testing and i am sure we all will like the game as looking at the games stats looks really interesting ,hi dxr :)
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  2. MFL

    MFL New Member

    MFL here . You should consider launching the game sooner.
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  3. Prom

    Prom New Member

    I am very excited for game to begin sounds like a well thought out game from the discription
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  4. regchan

    regchan New Member

    hey all my names reg and im in the uk
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  5. sj117

    sj117 New Member

    Hi everyone!
    Pretty excited to see what this is all about!
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  6. Zimbru

    Zimbru New Member

    Hello all!
    I just wait to start...
  7. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator

    Welcome to the Space Wars forums! It is great to see new people excited about the game. If you want to help support the Kickstarter posting on Facebook and Twitter is a great way to spread the word.
  8. Jinxer

    Jinxer New Member

    YO! Whats up Vesuvius! Its the one and only Jinxer! How can I get signed up for the Beta? I need to get into a new game. Heroes has sucked since H5 and I miss Kingdoms. But more importantly miss the good ol' TOH days!
  9. Senshu

    Senshu Administrator

    Hi Jinxer!

    It is great to see you join the forums. There is a Beta Signup at Also, backing the game on Kickstarter is another way to get beta access and unique backer rewards.
  10. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Good day Jinxeroid -- in many ways, Space Wars does take elements from Heroes Kingdoms... good to see you here.
  11. Firesped

    Firesped New Member

    Hi everyone. Looking forward to working with the team on the alpha.

  12. ViSaBos

    ViSaBos New Member

    Hello everyone, can't wait to start my new space adventure... Thanks for this opportunity !
  13. Kampel

    Kampel New Member

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  14. Drake

    Drake New Member

    Im Not really new But I just made my account. XD
  15. Malkav

    Malkav New Member

    Hello all. Really excited to be here and watching this game. Really looking forward to getting into testing for this game. We are in desperate need of an innovative and unique strategy experience that can actually make use of the online aspect. There have been a few great ones out there but most are just a digital recreation of a tabletop.

    I am a big fan of strategy and have been playing them since I was very young. My online strategy love came in earnest with Chron X. It was the first game of its type to really make great use of the digital space, doing things you could not do on a table top. More recently I am a big fan of Pox Nora, and I must say I have not been treated better by a company since Desert Owl took over. I work in Support for a SAAS company and they have some of the best support I have ever encountered.
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  16. Ragic

    Ragic New Member

    where's my harbinger?
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  17. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Hi all.

    Just joined the KS campaign and thought I'd come over and say 'Hi'. looking forward to delving deeper later on when I have a bit more time. Have gone with the Sol skins, but am really tempted to change sides and run with my inner Klingon.
  18. CalmLocke

    CalmLocke New Member

    Been a PoxNora player since right after it came out always ready to support Octopi reborn.

    Also love Summoners War on the iPhone, Battlefield on the console, and LoL on PC.
  19. CpZen

    CpZen Member

    Games I play: Anything that doesn't require you clicking too fast or a gamepad. I pick around on steam playing indie games mostly.

    Why I'm interested in SpaceWars: Looks like a thinking game with like-minded players. I have the time and the patience. And if you can window the game and be playing something else while waiting for your turn all the better.
  20. Nickman77

    Nickman77 Member

    Excited about the game! I got to play the alpha back at PAX in Seattle for a bit. I mostly play TBS (playing CIV VI right now) and dabble in magic.

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