New Hive Bio-units?

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  1. I was pretty bored eariler when I sudden had an idea to provoke these hive creatures.
    jumped into the zone,rolled around for a while and a T5 hopped in to kick my ass.
    ohcrap,better run.
    The hive T5 'explorer' surpasses my 16 initiative points.
    The hive T5 pops up at the end of my scanner range.
    The hive T5 exterminated me with a single 35 damage death-ray.
  2. oops,sudden should be"suddenly".
  3. dbK

    dbK New Member

    Well, you are not supposed to go on Hive or Ma'Alaketh as they are not playable races right now.
  4. well,according to the database the Hive T5 isn't that threatening so I want to try it and see if I can pick off a few photopods before being concentrated.
    and...I guess they're still adjusting new ships...(facepalm)but why in the bloody hell that IMBA?
    it litterly supassed my Liverpool III on 16 movement and delt me 35 damage in ONE SINGLE ROUND.
    that means it have to ability to turn ships into wreckages with exreamly supeior energy/damage output conversation
  5. dbK

    dbK New Member

    Well it's so no one goes there to farm exp. The game would be ruined if it wes possible.

    Sidenote: To Ma'Alaketh is the same as I went there yesterday :p
  6. and you got yourself beated up in a round?
  7. dbK

    dbK New Member

    Used Class 6. Spawned a bunch of Class 7 ships. Got closer, didn't manage to break a ship's shields. I only escaped because the ship I fired on didn't shoot me back. Another one that was further away hit my engines. One hit left me with only 2 engines :D

    Lucky me they missed me a lot otherwise I would have been dead multiple times

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