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    *Disclaimer This Is Just My Opinion*
    I have spent about 70 hours on the game, which took a lot of my time for the past 3 weeks, I really love the game, It's been a long time since I enjoyed a game like this, and I would like to give my perspective on it, but as well, discuss the issues with some of the aspects in the game I experienced.

    *You Can Skip This If You Don't Want To Hear My Rant*

    I'll start at the beginning where the server got reset, at the time everyone was starting up new, so the game was even, we all grinded for a while, taking sectors, and what not, it was fun. People didn't have t5's or higher for a while, so definitely there was no disadvantage, but later on, that changed, I believe on the second day someone got a t5, which didn't matter, I would just avoid him. With that, I'd just carry on taking sectors with ease and at some point, I'll lose, but that's how it is. day 3 of server they were a few more t4's and t5's, it became harder to take sectors, without a few t4's or t5 helping me out, subsequently, I will die a great deal, do to the fact t4 and t5 were joining the game and how shit I was staying in trying to get exp lol. I believe on the 4th day of the server I got a t5 (that wasn't a Tender) which I died 31 times for, I was excited to get it, went out to sectors testing it out and it was pretty good I even was able to get 5 officers on it. As for today I lost two t5's Leningrad it the span of 10 minutes, when I lost the first one which had the 5 Officers, and I didn't really mind losing it was kinda my fault for going in attacking a t4 player and then getting ganged up on with those pesky marines destroying my crew(which I'll talk about in a bit). After, I bought a new Leningrad, I went to join a game with a t6 and t4, I spawn on the other side of the map and there were only two AIs, so I decide to go straight across, but then, the next turn Alamar joined in with his friends and destroyed us, I would like to state that I didn't have DMA neither did the t6, as we just got the ships, and were planning to get it when we captured the sector. When the next turn started Alamar went first and did 36-42 damage to me and then his friend came to attack me and did a good amount of damage. I knew I was dead so I was for hoping for the t6 to live, but he didn't, and so, here I am writing this, I'll get into the issues on hand now.


    First, I'll talk about Alamar and his methods, not Alamar himself but his ship, as I personally don't know him, I can't judge him and I don't hate him either, so don't take this out of context. His t6 ship is really op as he can deal just a little over half of my health and not just that, but he can outrun every single ship in the game, so that isn't fair at all, the best thing we can do(sol faction) is out number with higher tier ships, so if you don't have at least two t6's then your dead. Even with that, I'm pretty sure he'll go for the weakest ship and kill them and then leave. All I'm saying is his ship overpowered. Also if you're reading this Alamar, you better not compline as if I'm hating on you, don't flatter yourself.

    Second, the playing field, I believe there be a tier cap some sectors, for example:

    with this new players have a better chance taking sectors and they won't take a spot for a better ship when playing against higher tiers. If the sector has no one in it and a t3 joins then only t1,2,3,4 can join and if a t4 joins then its possible for a t5 to join and so on. Also when it comes down to taking over a battlestation then anyone can join as those have more players slots.
    we can have it based on your captain's levels, but I'm assuming it's not possible due to the player count as for now.

    last, Marines, I don't like them, I feel that they are being abused and should be nerfed to 1 shot only, and just increase the crew damage slightly up, or nerf in general. Cause if you have three guys spamming that crap on you that's gg then you can't leave, you better kiss that ship goodbye especially if you're not on the edge. (mainly applies to t4's)

    Alright, I believe I said everything I wanted to say, if not I'll add more later on. I just to say thanks to the space wars team thanks for this awesome game and I'm sure you guys are busy especially Vesuvius dealing with all the complaining. I know the game is still early access, but I'm taking a break from the game, and I'll come back later.

    best of regards, BEAN
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    Ha! I was the Sol t6 with you - what a brutal ganking that was:(
    We both flew our new ships close to the border, I knew Alamar and his squad was busy in another sector and thought we would have a few turns before they showed up. Wrong assumption, we engaged a npcs, next turn they all showed up. I raced to border but 1 hex short, they killed Beam and killed me before I could get out in time.
    Absolutely nothing wrong with what Alamar did, he is a very knowledgeable opportunistic ganker. Apply overwhelming force before you can warp, a concept I am very familiar after +7 years of Eve online. The problem for me, is not the long grind it takes to get another T6 but what will happen next time ? what can I do to avoid it? Absolutely nothing! His victory3 will zap right in your face no matter how far he spawned (movement just so OP on that ship) and hit full force and melt +50% hp of a merc3 shield fully charged - his buddies can finish the remaining 50hp easy.
    Where is the fun? Don't expect to have a high player population with this type of nonsense.

    Another one taking a break from a potentially fun game, but we are not there yet...
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    Guys don't quit the game please. I had predicted such problems would happen and started a thread days ago pushing on more equality for our beloved game. Vesuvious is already taking action by solving the permadeath problem that you just faced and demoralized you and also the pve farm issue enabling the 16+ hours no lifers to get so overpowered.

    Plz drop by that thread and thank vesuvious for his fast action and also support my opinion for an additional exp catch up mechanic to make the game even more fair for real people that dont spend all day farming.
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    No, he isn't.
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    You are right, these changes will come in effect at the next server reset - end war. That means several weeks perhaps months considering the recent drop in active players on Sol side.
  6. Gant

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    ...even then, it won't help.
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  7. infested

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    Source? He said in my thread : "Permadeath will cease to exist when its implemented in about 2 weeks"
  8. revinance

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    last time i heard it, it was planned for next server but ye forum posts are more reliable then just fast replies.

    Edit: Just want to say. I would argue going into combat without that skill to warp out straight away at t5-t7 is a mistake. (Skill shouldn't really exist but be how the ship works) On that note where does it say it will take you more then 1 turn to warp out?

    I agree though even if you had that skill you probably would have died. I proposed a cooldown on weapons for 1 turn after warping in where your ship is higher then the average.
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    ...becase the permadeath isn't/wasn't a problem, nor a solution.

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