my adventure in the S-808 zone - gegener report of bug

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  1. gegener

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    i am not sure but i think if you destroy a ship in the spawn zone you have an error 100 and no other renforcement can com from the ennemy.
    exemple i destroy a ship with my long range missile in the bottom ligne hex 11 when you start to count at the bottom right corner and after i have some random error 100 and no more ship come to give me XP. My tactical officier say i have an ennemy but he isnt in my map or in the turn order on the top ^^

    i have a little bug on the mouvement.
    i active my 2 long range missile on my ship i still have 2 power
    it give me 5 power because of my passive ship ability
    i dont have the init the first play my mouve down to 4
    its my turn and before i do anything my move down to 3

    -A question, what passive skill did you have? The power boost engineer skill? By the way post this in the beta bug discussion. -Vesuvius
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  2. gegener

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    can i write my adventure without notify some "bug" or "bad" ?
    like this :

    last night i play versus orma and i am so sorry for him :s
    i was with my classe 4 and i destroy his class 3 without take any dmg :oops:
    after i leave the map and come back with my class 3 but orma was not here and another player (i dont remember who ...sorry)come with his class 4 ship ^^ he take my 10+ dmg and destroy me. it was late for me so i didnt come back for my revenge ;)

    if you want to play with or versus me come at S-808 or PM me

    if i cant i remove all the thread :D

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