Mid tier players, after 14/01/2018

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  1. ben

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    hello every-one,
    now its a lot of fun just jumping into battle, and going in first and starting a new sector,

    but there have been some changes, and the are very good,
    but there is something new to enjoying and winning,
    A tactic hasn't changed, BUT it is now more important,
    VERY important.

    Building and flying with your team.

    Selecting ships that will do what is needed, for each other, and knowing your wing man's behaviours has gotten even more important.

    The sector limit, and ships limit has made it even more important that when you really want to win a sector, you need to fill it to full, and make like crazy that you survive. You don't want your scanner man dieing in the fifth round, and been replace by another assault corvette, because you wont see the victory warp in later, and you don't want you assault corvette chasing a wasted hit on shields when she can dive in and finish the battleborn, or your main battle liner, sitting in corner wasting energy on shields, when it should be blasting everything as fast as can, because it is worried about the other battliner coming in,,,,,,,, because you all could have simply outmaneuvered it if you had a planned action.

    Some people can have the four chat boxes open, type, read and watch the battle, probably while watching tv and writing a book, i don't know. But me, i struggle with two chats and watching the battle. So some people can do the math on how many ships fit and how much room they got while doing all of the above.

    So here is why, because when your team works together and has filled a sector with the full count, you can take down anything that the enemy brings,,,,, so long as you know, ,,,, when you see that name,,,that dreaded name,,,that horrible enemy who mess you up on-your own..... you forget the ai ( or you very quickly make the one can that spot you dead, ) you forget the player that you are about to score 37 xp off, and you form up in the best place on the map, And pound them to debri, when they appear.
    Because the ai spawn is better with a mix of ships that fill a sector limit
    and then you don't need any more worries about been over powered in two turns,
    because when they start filling the sector with their ships,,,then leave the dam ai alone, and get out of sight as quick as possible, chasing that poor busted up liverpool or whatever as it runs away,,,,
    THATS what got you killed,
    been un-aware of the things others see, that's what made you think it was unfair.
    because its a team work game,
    and teams wins wars,
    and planning wins spacewars.
    nd lots of blowing up to.
  2. ben

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    Right now victory or defeat lies in the fingers and minds on the mid-tier players that can fly as a group,
    select ships and formations that work against the current enemy ships and formations,
    Just like what got us where we are today,
    (just like what the genari are doing now and sol did early game, who has the capacity to change the battle field again? )

    and those mid tier players that can choose their defense or offense that match the current star map,

    you may stay on the side you are on today, you may switch sides,
    either way if you want to win this server or the next,
    you might need to form teams an alliances that, could, should and will have people who have flown with you or against you,

    Don't become a hated name, become a Loved one, Become a terrifying, ( not a terrorizing), name as well.
    ( for laughs, because it's a game)
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  3. ben

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    if you choose Vega as your spawn point you will be cut off at times.
    it is best to now use Sirius.
  4. ben

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    some of the information in this thread may still be relevant, for the new server,
    however its a whole new battlefield now.

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