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Discussion in 'The Shipyard & Guides' started by Vesuvius_SWIE, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Tchey

    Tchey New Member

    I tried time travel, but failed. I guess i have to wait.
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  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Just uploaded the new trailer, its for the Steam page, but here's an early view of it, unlisted for now.

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  3. Tchey

    Tchey New Member

    Hm so why no Linux icon at the end, only Mac and Windows ?
  4. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Good eye -- right now not sure how Steam works with Linux on launch, so any Spacewars on Linux is in limbo for now. In fact, I will talk about that with the developers on Friday.
  5. Pendragon

    Pendragon Member

    Nice video. I like how the animations have turned out from what I saw in the alpha at PAX.
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  6. Kuwanger

    Kuwanger New Member

    Vesuvius: you should post an in-game galaxy map from the current play test server. Seems pretty well fleshed out.
  7. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    Agreed, if its complete and ready to go for the upcoming beta invites.

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