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    The look at Ma’Alaketh beta (to be updated as bugs and issues gets fixed)

    As part of the first live player test of the Ma’Alaketh faction, I came to realize a lot of the important mechanics were not explained with in game text. Some mechanics were not presented or are vastly different than existing Sol or Genari counter parts. For the benefit of future Ma’Alaketh players and players going against Ma’Alaketh, I think it is important to explain the current Ma’Alaketh skills and ship designs.

    Captain Skills

    Support ship I-II-III

    Control up to 3 support ship. While this sounds great, it is also the reason Ma’Alaketh does not have a dedicated Class 7 support ship (Don’t be Fooled! Consul is not intended to be a tender and does not have the repairs to be on par with Polaris or Fat Genshal). Having 3 drones will be equal to having a Class 5 and 7 repair ship for other faction.

    Initiative I-II, Cool Down Reduction I-II, Ship Class I-II-III, Leadership I-II-III and Efficient officer training.

    They are similar to their counterpart with Sol and genari captain skills. For those who only play Sol, Cool down reduction II is 60% reduction on timer for destroyed ships. For those only play Genari, Leader ship is an overall EXP boost in combat, up to 30%.

    Ion Boost

    This skill is an active allocation skill similar to Genari’s Rally. However, there is only one level of it. The skill grants a one time, one turn boost of +2 move, +2 initiative and 20% accuracy boost.

    Ship Officers

    Core Engineer

    This is just the Engineer as Sol and Genari. But because Science officer have 2 over lapping skill tree with this officer, it frees up a lot of room for this officer to take repairs and stress engine skills.

    Science officer (10 levels, same pacing as Genari Tactical Officer)

    Radiation resistance 1-5.

    Shield Over Charge 1-4,


    Med Bays 1-2,

    crew toughness 1-2.

    Range boost.

    Power boost 1-5.

    As you might have noticed, this officer share power boost and DMA tree with the engineer. However, this officer has 10 levels, which lets it accommodate more skills. This have its costs, such as sacrificing anti marine skills or range boost. However, this gives the players some choices when leveling the engineer, letting them pick more power or more survivability. But not picking power boost is not that big of a deal when you look at the systems officer.

    Systems Officer (10 levels, same pacing as Genari Tactical Officer)

    Movement Boost 1-5



    Damage Boost 1

    Overload 1-4

    Target 1-5

    Evasion 1-2 (max 10% on all ships except Shadow Ships)

    Many of you will notice this is the helmsmen + sol weapons officer minus the accuracy tree (this is heresy I say, 90%s are a lie). With 10 levels, this officer can singlehandedly make any level 5 Ma’Alaketh ship more maneuverable than a ship of same class from Sol or Genari. It is possible for Ma’Alaketh players to take the entire helmsmen officer skill trees and still have points left over for damage boost and half of an allocation skill. The +5 movement skill will now present the option of not taking power boost for some Ma’Alaketh ships.

    Drone (10 levels, same pacing as Genari Tactical Officer)

    Powerboost 1-5

    Dampening 1-4 ( max out at 30% evasion)

    DMA 1-2

    Shield overcharge 1-4



    Drones have their own unique officer tree. These are survival based skills. It is critical for players to invest serious effort in at least 1 drone.

    Dampening Officer

    Dampening 1-4

    This is a stand alone officer for Shadow ships, which is basically 4 levels of evasion on top of the default 15%, maxing out at 45% evasion.
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    Unique Mechanics.

    Point defence Cannons

    This is one of the first new mechanics for Ma’Alaketh faction. This kind of gun fires just like any other ordinary gun, you need to face the target for it to fire. But this gun is omnidirectional when counter-firing, both against marines and incoming weapons fire ( The PDC on the rear will counter fire a ship attacking at the front) . This gun is affected by Damage Boost and Range boost, allowing it to deal 2 damage at max range of 5.

    Bonus Damage range of Plasma

    Like Sol, Ma’Alaketh also have Plasma. But their Bonus Damage is different. For corvettes and most frigates, they are more like Genari Heavy laser, with +2 damage with in 2 range. For destroyers and larger ships, the plasma are +3 damage with in 10 range.

    Inherent engine power and power refund.

    This is a mechanic not mentioned in game texts. It is noticed by players that some Ma’Alaketh ships (not sure if all of them) gets more power in combat phase for their engines. (160 power on the battleship is giving me 11+ moves, which means it actually have 165+ power) The current UI have not programmed this into the calculation in Allocation phase, making the exact move of a Ma’Alaketh ship in Combat phase hard to predict.

    A related mechanic, also not mentioned in game text, is Ma’Alaketh plasma and particle weapons “refund” power to the engine in combat phase depending how many yellow or red bars are charged that turn. The exact number of this refund per yellow or red bar is hard to say, but it is likely the plasma refund 1 power for every yellow bar charged.

    Inquiry into these mechanic, Ves has confirmed their existence and is likely similar mechanics will be integrated for Hive. There is a goal to fix the current allocation phase UI to include these mechanics to give an accurate read out on movement and initiative.


    Drones are immune to marines. But this does not mean the crews can’t be killed. When the crews are killed via weapon fire, the ship becomes inoperable. In this state, the drone can still repair damage and warp out, but it will not be able to move or charge shield. This situation is called “knocked out” and will be part of Hive mechanics as well.


    For Class 3-5, it is better to explain what each type of ships do rather than explaining what each ship and its variant can do. For the smaller ship classes, Ma’Alaketh ships are divided into 3 roles, Long range, Blockaders and Interceptors. Interceptors are no longer an official role after Class 4.

    Long range ships are centered around Ma’Alaketh’s signature Particle Beam. They boast high range and high accuracy but the ship’s over all damage is low. The first Ma’Alaketh ship that can successfully take down stations is the class 5 Starlight. They are miniature Nagara Cruiser but way more mobile.

    Blockaders are ships designed around bulk and defence. They usually come with an array of Plasma weapons complimented by many Defence Cannons. These ships deal decent damage at mid range combat but excels at close range combat when the numerous DPCs comes to bear for additional damage. Currently, the most damage dealt in a turn by destroyer, light cruiser and Cruiser is 43, which is the Class 5 Legionnaire blockader.

    Interceptors are fragile and decently armed attack crafts with emphasis on engine power. They are like Liverpool 3 but much better damage and shields. But unlike some other ships with good shields, these ships have the engine power to use the said shields and still be very fast. Some of the variants, like the Valiant 3 and Intrepid 2 have Tier 5 shield (max out at 25), making them near impervious to weapon fire in 1v1 situation.

    Light Cruiser

    The Celestial Light cruiser is the beefed up version of the Starlight. Before this ship, most of the Particle Beams have +4 range bonus within 9 range ( some odd balls in class 4 and 5 do use larger particle beams). This ship use 3 +5 damage particle beams. Celestial 2 use the lower damage particle beams but have 4 of them. This does not increase max damage but is probably more efficient. This ship also set the trend for a lot of later ships, like Astral and Archon.

    Tetrarch follows the same philosophy as Interceptors. It’s a light cruiser with possibility of reaching 80-95+ engine. With armored engine ability and its high engine power, this ship can make the choice of not taking high levels of repair and let the shields handle the damage. It also packs a lot of punch ( 42) because it can get in range of using its 2 PDC as weapons.

    Both of the Class 6 ship lack solid Marine defence with only 2 PDC.

    Class 7 cruisers.

    Astral is the beefed up version of the Celestial, with even bigger gun, more PDC and more hull. Astral 2 got better shields then the standard version. Because the power refund and inherent power mechanic, these ships can stay relatively mobile even at high weapon charges.

    Consul is an investment. It’s a support ship that cost 77K. It is not exactly a tender but it is usually forced into that role later. The most accurate description for a high level Consul is “a low tier station, but it moves” or “a Montana III but with tenders”. It does not pack the most stellar of damage (40 damage, same as montana III). It can heal other ships (or itself) for 6 additional hull and it comes with 1 med bay. What it can do is end most 1v1 with a draw. The ship can soak up 60 damage a turn( can’t be dented by class 7 or lower in a 1v1) without split shield and 100 damage with split shield. It is great as AI bait and 2 of them in a cluster might be more sturdy than a Himeji.

    Class 8

    There is only 1 Class 8 hull, and that’s the Archon. It is closer to a battleship than a cruiser. It still retain the PDC of lower Class ships but rarely get to use them. The Archon 2 have higher tier shields at cost of 3 less max damage. These ships, like the Class 9 and Class 10 that comes after, can achieve top combat speed similar to smaller ships while dishing out decent amount of damage.

    Class 9 and 10

    Sovereign and Grand Sovereign share the same hull layout and power used for max charging all guns. But the Grand Sovereign will always do 22 more damage than the Sovereign if they charge same power to guns. However, the Sovereign can still achieve the combat speed of light cruisers and deal damage close to a cruiser. Grand Sovereign in theory can still achieve remarkable speed similar to cruisers while dealing 80+ damage with very little power to weapons. The intention of the Class 10 is to be a monster ship and it is rightly so. Challenging these things to a 1v1 with intention to sink them is not a good idea. Large ships are where Ma’Alaketh truly shines.

    Shadow Ships

    Shadow Ships are based off existing ship hull of the same Class ( except Consul, cause that would make it very annoying to kill). But they have less engine, very squishy hull and usually mediocre shields. But the 45% evasion really shines in prolonged engagement and station attacks. The choice of leveling a shadow ship should be considered after you are sure your teammates can support a dead weight for 30 officer points. A Shadow ship with decent engine, like the spectre 1 can be can be hard to handle as it can now distance itself from the enemy and cause the enemy guns to miss even more. But the largest of the shadow ships, the Cosmos, will likely employ an attrition based tactic with its tier 4 shields. It is not very mobile with out significant officer skills.

    The Great Damage Plateau

    Mal’alaketh Class 5, Class 6 and Class 7 have very similar max damage. Taking a look at genari, the highest of each class can deal 35 for destroyers, 38 for light cruisers and 60 for cruisers. Sol ships go from 27 for destroyers, (42 if you count the fish, but when will it even be able to land all its guns at max output?), 48 for light cruisers, and 50 for cruisers. The variety in damage make all the Classes unique from each other. For Mal’alaketh, you have 43 for destroyer, 42 for light cruiser and 40 for cruiser. Astral is 45, but 6 of those are from PDC, which will not be used a lot considering it wants to engage from 13+ range. The legion, tetrarch and consul all have the mobility and bulk to slip into range 3 and boost their damage with PDC. With this trend in ships, the incentive to get class 6 and 7 ships are not that high.

    The alternative to Conul

    The consul is not a tender. But Mal’alaketh does not have a large tender. Nor can they bring other combat ships into play as AI. This make the Consul almost a necessity for late game Mal’alaketh. But the 77K price tag for what is basically a late game map spawn bait is a bit steep. It is possible to circumvent this if the Mal’alaketh player base actively support the leveling of tenders. The Class 5 repair drone can achieve similar results with enough investment into dampening and shields. With 48 power engine, this tender can support shield over charge 4, achieving 40 shields, same as the Consul. The advantage of using drones is they also have much smaller cool down time than their sol and genari counter part.
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    a demonstration on what its like behind a level 5 Battleship and AI consul. Battleship is built with marine pods in mind thus it did not reach 180+ power. But the same kind of mobility can be achieved with the t10 and with higher damage out put.

    with this in mind, there will be an adjustment to ship skills for next server. Overload and targeting is traded for shield over charge from the science officer. This makes it hard for most maal ships to reach +5 movement skill and X4 shield over charge. on the other hand, the science officer will now offer even more utility.
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