maal T9-T10 broken badly powerwise....

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  1. harshwind

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    So I was looking at the Maal T9 T10 and have noticed they are woefully short of even being able to power there weapons at base level. In fact my math seems to point to them needing 4 upgrades in power to even power there weapons not including powering anything else such as shields and scanners and movement lol.

    T10 has 4x8 Particle beams( 2+ 3*7) for 23 power each times 4 beams is 92 power,
    It also has 6x6 particle beams (2+3*5) for 17 power each times 6 beams is 102 power,
    so to power it's weapons it would need 194 power and it starts with 160 power
    4 power upgrades would result in 20% bonus which would yield 192 power and almost enough to power weapons but again that would be with no shields scanners or any power put to moves.
    I mean I would go so far as to call it almost unplayable... and if you are going to say you never power weapons full anyway, then lets give it smaller ones and use the hull and crew to do ANYTHING ELSE other than be there to maintain a weapon it can't power anyway ROFL.

    T9 also has 4x8 Particle beams 2+(3*7) for 23 power each times 4 beams is 92 power,
    it also has 6x6 plasma beams which take (1*2)+(2*3)+(3) for 11 power a beam for 66 total power,
    so to power weapons would take 158 power to power weapons and it starts at 128 power.
    so again with 4 power upgrades come to 154 power and can almost power weapons.
    now the T9 gets Plasma refund so will net some energy for moves back but again you still have to be able to power the weapons to get refund and that can't be used on on systems it simply comes back as power for moves.

    so yeah just my thoughts looking at them on paper haven't flown them yet and people who have been raving about them flew them before power changes to particle beams it seems.

    One solution that came to mind was maybe as you power them higher they gets cheaper
    Like start red, red, red then go to yellow the rest of the way so there would be an incentive to power them up high and the ability to do so at all lol.

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  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    So are you saying that the Maal T9/T10 isn't strong enough or is inferior to Gen/Sol T9/T10?

    Particle beams are expensive to power because they can wipe out stations without taking a hit, and so there has to be some sort of compromise. If you're going to camp and shoot from 20 hexes, then you will have to give up something else. Previous sever showed how overpowered all beam ships were, and non-beam maal ships were virtually ignored.
  3. Beernchips

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    Yeah particles were OP on previous server but the nerf they took was abit harsh. I think some adjustement is still required for them between power and bonus damages. Like t5 and below should hav particles with only +3 bonus damage but yellow power on all levels while t6+ should have 3 or 4 first levels as yellow then go red
  4. Blingon

    Blingon Member

    t9 and t10 maal ships are barely functional if you get enough levels on them. you are looking at something with 200-240 power at max level. the t10 should have no problem in pvp as it can still have like 9-10 moves with 1-2 powers on all guns. 1-2 power on guns is still 60-80 damage depending on where you are shooting from. the biggest issue is still marine defence. marine pods is the universal solution to a lot of things in the game. on paper, maal t9 and t10 should just lose if they get jumped by 2 starfire players ( if they have elite marine or expansion 5).

    on the side note, we could always wish for a maal t8/9 blockader with 60+ shields and armed entirely by plasma weapons.

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