Linux players rejoice! The game runs in WINE!

Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by MungFuSensei, Dec 1, 2017.

  1. MungFuSensei

    MungFuSensei New Member

    IIRC, there was some talk of having a linux version some time down the road. That would be great, but in the meantime, the game is running 99% perfectly in WINE 2.22. Just some missing tooltip text as far as I can tell, and I may be able to fix that with some winetricks shenanigans. Created a new 64bit prefix, installed steam, then installed the beta. Runs like a dream on my laptop with integrated graphics.

    I just did it for the hell of it, since I'm stuck in a motel room waiting to move into my new house when I got the beta invite. Glad I was bored enough to try it out.
  2. MLocke

    MLocke Member

    Vesuvius should bump this. I have linux running on one of my laptops, I will try it too. Thanks, this is good news.
  3. Zer0CoolAZ

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