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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    So I finally got an updated galaxy map editor, and will be working on revising it (reminder, there's over 12,000 playable sectors that I build by hand, there is no random generation) so I will be working on it most of the time until next server launch (It will take effect on the next server run only, not current galaxy).

    Two new stations have been added, both Class V stations, which bridge the gap from mines/drones to the larger Class X+ stations.
    They are the Fuji (Sol) and Ghodrat (Genari).


    Notice their size comparted to their Class XI variants. They are supposed to be relatively easy to destroy with Class IV/V team work. Also notice my map editor now has better border visibility on obstacles/space objects, so I can actually better see where my planets/moons/asteroids are being placed without voids etc...
    The Class V stations will replace the current first defense line, allowing for easier breakthrough, with the original strong defense line being pushed further back.

    If players have some recommendations, and can post cordially without elements of rage or despair, I will implement them as I progress through the map. Also, there will be more 8+ type sectors since some were saying that the core areas have too many 6 type sectors.
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  2. Dalwin

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    One comment that came up today in discord: When the game first came out the smallest sectors held 6 players per side. Well lots of new players trying the game for the first time complained about the slow pace so the sector sizes were nearly cut in half. Those Steamers who try a new game for a day (or much less) then post a negative review have already come and gone. Also the pace of the battles is much faster now that graphics changes were made and most players have gotten used to the interface etc.

    The reasons for the tiny sectors have gone away but the tiny sectors have not. All sectors should be much larger than now. Make the smallest 10 points, but still capped to tier 4 ships, and scale up from there. Please.

    The larger sectors make for much more interesting battles and also are more even for both sides. Imbalances caused by specific ships being better than their same tier counterparts are exaggerated in smaller sectors. In larger areas there is a better chance to get real battles.
  3. ben

    ben Member

    i like the way the current sizing and distribution allows for a very active front line,
    then when the line breaks,
    specialized teams will have to push for the home world, while newer players are asked to keep the lines open, or close them
    (this appreciates the design before limiting, which was brought in to appease player sentiments,)

    so that, while both best teams then push for the home world, seeking to end the conflict,
    they will have a choice,
    get bogged down defending or breaking the line,
    defend the home world, or push to attack the home world

    the current small player base limits this development from showing, and the leaders are unable to give tactical directive to mid tier or low tier players that benefit their ultimate goal. Some are currently bogged down defending points that would take 50?+ hours of game play to become important, if they had mid and low tier players to assist them in sectors they understood need defending or attacking.
    ( these mid tier and low tier players would be in their own teams, achieving vital outcomes.)
    these mid tier and low tier ships would be able to defend against specialized teams with the stations while main strike force still pushed to end conflict.

    Perhaps i mis-read the map and its layout.
    (and perhaps it still there, even after limiting)
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  4. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Dalwin: No, the sectors do not need to be bigger. Even a 6 sized sector means up to 12 corvettes... that is a long game.
    Ben: The first defense line with the Class V stations is just the first line, there are two other, much stronger defense lines with Class X-XII stations deeper down. This just opens up more space for players to fight once they break through the first line.
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  5. Locke

    Locke New Member

    Perhaps not raising the cap limits but increasing the size of the maps. I say this because the 6 limit sectors can get a bit crowded in the right situation. To me a corvettes best asset is its ability to move across large distances. Now if it was just a straight up 6v6 corvette fight then the current map would be fine but it isn't. Genari are now making use of their skills to bring in their combat support AI now. I only single genari out because their AI firing all their weapons makes that skill viable whereas sol has only a few ships that do it. Not touching that subject with this post. Point is if all players were to bring AIs then it could easily turn into at max a 18v18 corvette brawl. Hasn't happened yet but I would really like to see that. But realistically it would be more of a 9v9 frigate brawl. 18 ships get crowded easily with not much room to hide and take advantage of the ships ability to cover larger distances. Granted even if the sizes remain it opens up strategic options and either way it is still fun.
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