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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Grin, Dec 21, 2017.

  1. Grin

    Grin New Member

    I had an idea while playing, and voiced it in chat, thought I'd bring it here as an idea.

    Right now in maps players can suicide their ship (causing dmg to players in the process both from weapons and spalsh) then come back in a higher Tier ship for the next turn (also if they jump out).

    This makes it so players can take damage trying to fight these guys and then have them come back next turn fresh with higher ships to finish them off.

    I propose, that if a player jumps out of a map, or is destroyed, that the player can't rejoin the map for a said amount of turns in that map. So say a player dies, he can go back to the map.. but would have to wait like 5 turns (of the that map) then can get back in or added to the queue if other players have shown up and taken the spot.

    This way people might actually use tenders as intended, won't suicide (at least as much) and keep higher Class ships from just saying forget this i'm out.

    The Class 3 ship suicide farming is a bit ridiculous really, it would make players actually have to use strategy if they want to win that map as they won't be back in otherwise.
  2. Superman0X

    Superman0X New Member

    People suicide farm with the free ship. If the ship is T3, then it will be T3 farming. The best solution is to make players start at T1... and then farming with these ships quickly becomes not worth the effort.
  3. ben

    ben Member

    the suicide, game, is a lost cause, for now it seams profitable, but it full release it will not be cost effective. so players doing this now will be very ineffective pilots later. sorry to any-one i have this too in the past, or if it seams like i do it deliberately now. sometimes it is tactically necessary to save a higher level player or ship, but the pilot who does it loses more than they gain. Full release ships are more expensive again for some of the variants.

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