how to be a fox - part 1

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    Mission: Elimination of Capella 1

    Targets: Missile Drones (Eliminated), Beam Drones (Eliminated), and a Windsor Shipyard XII (fresh paint)

    Phase 1 complete.

    Information networks report reduction in LOS and defensive capabilities at Capella 1.

    Phase 2 in progress.

    24 hour expectations:
    Assess Windsor Defense
    Map sector (see templates below)
    Probe Windsor Defense
    Identify on-line shield arc locations

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  2. fox

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    Phase 2 progress report.

    Assess Windsor Defense

    single pass from civilian asset

    WINDSOR - Planetary Command Base - Class XII Station

    Station Auto Repair Units 48 Units

    10 SIWPB-9HS Plasma Cannons - Range 20,000 Km (20 hex)
    8 SIWPB-8 Plasma Beams - Range 16,000 Km (16 hex)
    4 SIWPB-3B Plasma Beams - Range 12,000 Km (12 hex)

    1 SIWFF3-10 Force Field - 3000 Terajoule (30 damage/turn)


    Windsor Shipyard

    hull - 820
    engines - 480
    crew - 1732

  3. fox

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    Phase 2 progress report.

    Map sector
    Identify on-line shield arc locations

    second pass from civilian asset


    Ongoing: Probe Windsor Defense
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