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    While the game loads between phases or when you start up the game, there's those screensavers you tend to see scrolling. I've replaced them with these screensavers that are more instructional. You'll see them in-game, but here's the one's I've built so far. They give you hints/tips on some of the more advanced combat options that may not be readily evident in-game.
  2. Vesuvius_SWIE

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  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    Thanks for the images; those screens seem to go by fast for me in-game, maybe because I have a faster computer/connection.
  5. Hexxx

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    Hints & Tips on skills (officer, captain) would be good too
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    Oh nice, I was starting to collect a library of them. This saves me the trouble.

    As mentioned elsewhere, all of this information and more depth would be good to have in tutorial modules.
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    A tutorial image would be good on where to attack on the galaxy map, what the yellow and red lightning icons mean when they're flashing, and to only go to the hive or malaketh borders if you're feeling really daring.
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