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    I cautioned myself before writing this one. I may look good on the leader board, but it's been a long learning curve. One where i didn't do what every-one else did. And it appears i fell behind.

    But i haven't really, i've just been building something slowly.

    So any ways, like i said I cautioned myself before writing this one, because it might not belong here, but i'll do it anyways,because hey, i've put the hours in.

    Two things-
    1. we need more mid tier players so i and other average payers can earn some dam xp, and have some fair fights and hopefully cap some sectors against lots of other mid tiers. So please do what ever you can to let players get to the mid tier.
    2. Opinions and ships have been built because it seamed like the best thing to do at the time and because the player base at that level is rather small, So mind sets and constructions have followed a small player base opinion. ( like i said i caution myself, -perhaps this not what happened, perhaps your ships are more varied or styled to take down a variety of opponents, than know of).
    BUT what i do know, is, that unless you have gone back and respected your Captain or crews, of lower tier ships, to see if they can beat the hated enemy, then perhaps you don't know as much as what you think.......
    HOWEVER- it might be advisable to find some mid tier player who is about to get into that range, and having earned his/her respect, ask them to build a ship and captain style that will win against our most hated enemies, then when they have it, they trick the enemy into a fair ambush of a specialized team with specialized ships,, because the game has specializations that 15-50 people probably haven't seen or built yet.

    BECAUSE, i've got an idea- but i just cant get there, because i cant get the dam build to live long enough to get it out of the dock, or get the crew it needs, because most of the high tiers sorta have one play style. And maybe because, some of the builds are just so uber against my low crewed ships, and i keep going into tactical sectors and they have ever right to take what ever they like into those.
    So I'm going to build my build and try to find a team that can take down the most hated enemy, instead of spewing crap all over the chat box.

    As i said i cautioned myself, and you may see why i did. ( space wars team--if this is inappropriate please remove this post)
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    This post is probably for both side, but i won't start another under this media section

    Give Ves,
    a bit of break while playing in game?
    when he has a battle going, and three chat boxes,
    and is trying to find all the things that others have found.
    just think about whether or not your question, request or demand, need to be asked at that time.
    and whether or not what ever has been changed, was changed because you asked.

    coding, can not simply do, what ever you think it can.

    it appears that our request, might be overloading the code matrix, or something, because my ship yard is getting more glicth,,,,,,, BECAUSE of the changes to crew dynamics and the number of ships i can afford.

    ( mind you, i have nearly all the tier 6 and below,,,,, because fair battles, cost ships, and most people want fair battle, and i oblige them.)

    I don't know him personally, but i'm pretty sure he is a human being.
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    these post may not be relevant on the new server.

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