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    So i have created these 2 reddit posts in gaming and turn based strategy games to help promote the game.

    If you have reddit accounts go and upvote them and if you want write your positive experience with the game.



    Also go create a positive review in steam if you haven't yet.

    You can also write and share you experience in social media and forums and then post your links here so the rest of us can go and support it.

    Finnally the best way to promote would be if a popular twitch streamer notices the game. I know trump likes turn based games so i will try to ask him to give it a try.

    He and other streamers usually get sponsored from gaming companies with low cost and promote such games.

    Probably for 1k $ you could get exposure to 3k-20k players for may hours or even days. So if vesuvious is interested he could close a deal with them.

    In any case try to promote the game by telling others what you like about it and dont sound spammy. If people like it they will join.
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