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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

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    No, actually, more like please be kind.
    Aka, I'm only one person, and if you guys have actually noticed, my footprint is all over this forum, steam forum, steam chat, spacewars chat, now discord... the moment I log in I'm bombed with suggestions, complaints, etc... I could literally be answering questions and explaining things for 24 hours nonstop if I actually responded to everything right away, but nothing else would get done.

    I feel like a broken track record, but REMINDERS:
    1- This game is a micro-supertiny-indie team of 1 clientside programmer, 1 serverside programmer, 1 artist, and me. AKA 4 people. 100s of suggestions do not get implemented right away, each takes time. Most of the games you are used to are backed by big publishers, or are teams that are far bigger than what we have here. Take your favorite games, and investigate what kind of teams are working on them, even if they are 'indie'. Then notice that they have publishers as well.
    2- The game was created for the love of making a game, specifically a game like this. Not for fame or fortune.
    3- The game is funded entirely out of my pocket, approx. $1.3 mil at this point, and if you notice, I'm not making any back, any time soon, if at all. The game continues to cost me $12k for every month of development and support.
    4- Something I didn't realize as an oldschool gamer, that people seem extremely entitled to things even if its free nowdays, and some of us are literally laboring for free to service these entitled people. Appreciation for work seems to have gone out the door. I forgot that it is the new normal, which only dampens the morale of the people who build these things.
    5- My labor: Forget my role as community manager. Every single map battle map you see in the galaxy (approx. 12,000+) I handcrafted manually. Every single ship card, was build by hand. Every tutorial, built by hand. Every part of the website you see, built by hand. Every table, ruleset, ship, books, novel, created by me. Again, for the love of the game.
    6- Xeen: Sometimes you are not helping, but exasperating the issue. Each step takes time.

    So please be kind, and please be patient. The game just came out on Early Access, and this is the first week of a year of such a beta. That is the help I'm asking for.
  2. Superman0X

    Superman0X New Member

    I understand how your situation. I was employee #9 at the company that I work for, and have spent many years cultivating products with no resources except for what I could muster myself. With this experience, I can make a suggestion: get your community involved and put them to work. I can not stress how valuable a good team of volunteers is. I would not be where I am today without the help of people that have put in unimaginable amounts of time/effort to support products that they loved. Sometimes, all you need to do is ask, and you will truly be surprised by what others will do for you.
  3. revinance

    revinance Moderator Staff Member

    I agree with Superman0X I understand that you have a small team and i know you have to prioritize. People just keep giving suggestions because they want the game to succeed. A bit of a roadmap or suggestions you are considering would go a long way of getting people to back off because they know their suggestions have been heard.
  4. *sigh*
    This situation had gone insane.really.
    I just got my first T4 down by a bunch of B&Z strikers.
    felt like getting chipped flat.
    it's gonna vent for a few days before everything's clear again...
    but pls.
    fix this godammn situation ASAP.
    I can't stand getting blowed by a ship a *whole* map away.
  5. and btw, a visual bug will happen sometimes when you show the firing arc, it won't gone

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  6. and yeah I know you guys *are* working hard to keep up the paces of the updates,
    I just wanna say it.
    you know,not every one can come to accept it,
  7. ben

    ben Member

    Ok cool. I"ll give the big ups. It's a smashing game. Really in-depth. Amazing level for team work and game play. An amazing ability to grow..... and by that I don't mean more work or anything.... I mean the way the team's and battles are set to grow.. so everyone... enjoy chill.... so everyone who thinks you can just port into a game that has tried really hard to make sure it's not pay to play....... if you want a game that you can just jump into get the biggest and baddest first or be the biggest foul mouth opinionated that around........ then piss off because the adults are in the room and their trying to work..... seriously if your going to be a foul mouthed know it or bully something else.... so too that pay for a Halifax cause because it must have some sorta use. I just haven't found it yet. Cheers guys. But I can't give you any more money because I've already doneevrything I could with the credits I bought. The game is worth a couple of bucks.
  8. Marksteele

    Marksteele New Member

    To be honest, I think every player in this game appreciates what you and your team are doing (since we wouldn't have the game without those efforts). It's just sometimes that desire to see the game in it's "perfect" state overshadows that appreciation and makes people unreasonable. It's nothing that should be taken personally, if anything you should take it as a win since you have such a passionate community xD.

    I also agree with Superman, a good volunteer team could take a lot off your plate. Get a few of the really knowledgeable, helpful players (xeen, cpt eXe, and Dalwin comes to mind for SOL), give them some sort of identifier and recognition in game and on the forums/discord, give them a way to get in contact with you, and then let them go at it. That way they can take the time to answer those routine questions and distill the feedback from the community. I've seen and participated in similar programs and I tend to find the games that have such a system end up with higher community involvement.
  9. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    If contributions are only going to be suggestions/complaints, well reminder that only so much can be done at once. The suggestions have been made, and things are in queue. If you want to contribute, then make documentation, wikis, things that I've been overwhelmed with. Ie. Build things, not break a team down with negativity. Contribue with artwork, screenshots, data tables, etc... I build as fast as I can, again, read above about my 'footprint'. But I am not a borg collective, just one human.
    And SupermanOX: you do not help when you write negative reviews, that isn't positive contribution, that is a shutdown.
  10. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    It's frustrating being told something along the lines of 'that's not an issue' on something I've been saying is a problem for months, only to have it finally recognized as a problem.

    I get that the team is small, but please don't tell me that a problem isn't a problem. If you can't address it at this time, I can accept that answer. I'll give you data tables if you like. I'm pretty good at that stuff. I have a really nice post about accuracy that I've recommended Tobias posts to the wiki he is/is going to work on.
  11. Superman0X

    Superman0X New Member

    I am sorry that my review could not be positive at this time. However, you can not expect honest reviews to all be positive. I will update it if things change.
  12. Dedal

    Dedal New Member

    I would like to change the faction if possible
  13. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Sure, I can do that for you, though it means deleting/resetting your account, are you ok with that?
  14. Dedal

    Dedal New Member

    request is canceled
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  15. TaoZen

    TaoZen New Member

    Sorry Vesuvius i can understand the presure but still im not in your shoos but yet you do a great job even excelent for 4 in 1 team crew :) sometimes when im at work in kichen and have 3 underlings to command i feel the same xD altough im not sure wich is worser thinking for them and guide them to do what they need to do or just do it myself :D

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