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    Hello Captain,

    I am Hyperion Complex operator #0032, Tobias Hale. I'd like to thank you for your early service to your faction. I wanted to introduce myself to you as I'll be handling the galactic communications from here on out. Keep your eyes peeled for incoming updates and information that will be coming to a sector near you.

    Onto the real aspect of this post. My name is Zer0CoolAZ, you can also call me Stefano or Zer0. I go by the handle of Tobias Hale while in-game. I've just recently began working with SpaceWars and will be helping to handle the social media aspect. One awesome thing about this is that I love to be community oriented and integrated. What this means for you Captain, is that your screenshots, videos, and interviews can very well be on our social media. If you have something you'd like to submit to be posted, or if you'd like to schedule a mini interview to be recorded, please feel free to reach out to me on the forums via private message or through the social media channels.

    In-case you need a refresher, here is the current social media.

    Facebook -
    Twitter -

    Also included is a picture from the E-Blue event that SpaceWars was a part of most recently. Included in the picture are the developer of the game (far left), myself (second from the left) and two interested spectators who were there to try and learn about the game.
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    IMG_1278.jpg More pics from the event:

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