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    Genari ships have characteristic and graceful designs, inspired by nature itself — as well as an eye for ominous looking ships that inspire fear in their Human opponents. With more rudimentary force field technology, they rely on heavily armored ships designed for close combat. They also usually carry a complement of marines, which can induce heavy casualties to human crews. Capturing a Sol ship is considered the ultimate prize; with the hope to eventually reverse-engineer some of the Imperiums’ more advanced technology.

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    I'm looking forward to stealing other peoples ships! That would be too cool!
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    Also can u also post some Genari ships pics
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    Will be posting a lot of Genari ships here, but here is a closer view of the alpha of the shipyard with a Victory Type II docked. 01.jpg
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    The class V ship looks like a bit like a cross between a Klingon and a new age Romulan bird of prey.
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    Time to start posting details of specific ships, starting with the starter ships -- Class III.
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    CLASS III GENARI SHIP: The Agile Flyer Corvette
    Four Variants

    This ship is for starter players who are looking for more maneuverability over defense. Great for hit-and-run attacks, and it has a pretty decent set of lasers for such a small warship. Get to unshielded sides of a Sol Corvette or Frigate at close range, and you'll hurt them badly.
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    Looks fast.
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    They are fast. The major advantage of the Agile Flyers is coordinating with other players to single out and focus fire on much larger ships using hit and run tactics or having an ally in a larger ship to get the opponent's attention and then the Flyers start systematically start disabling the opponent's ship's systems. Captains of Agile Flyers needs to make sure to not be over confident because these can not take the same punishment as their Sol counterparts.
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    CLASS III GENARI SHIP: The Honor Bound Corvette
    Three Variants

    A little more well-rounded than the Agile Flyer, it is slightly slower, but has improved sensors and armor; but it can't deliver as much damage as the Agile Flyer. It has the longest range and most accurate lasers mounted, so it can successfully hit from longer distances, and be a match for Sol Corvette range/accuracy.
    03honorbound2.jpg 03honorbound3.jpg
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    Sexy ships
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    I'll take the Agile Flyer for firepower, and use hit and run tactics to avoid getting hit since it doesn't have shields. Is there a third corvette you're going to post like you have on the Sol side?
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    There's the star warrior corvette I saw on the ship viewer.
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    It is a bit of a glass cannon, but if it gets the drop on another ship it is truly a devastating ship for it's class.
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    I just now built the Star Warrior Corvette card:
    It drops its marines & force fields for more offensive weaponry, all light weapons with minimal range. Its designed to come close, fire everything its got, and get out of range.
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    I'll stick to Sol ships, I prefer having shields.
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    But if the initiative is high enough, a Star Warrior could fly in close, pop weapons, and get out to extreme range all in it's activation. That means the enemy is forced to move after them to get a reasonable shot [ base chance to hit at max range = 5%]. Clever tactics could see the Star Warrior carrying on in a straight line whilst the enemy is forced to use power to turn.
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    It's going to have to be, ship to ship sol seems to be a lot more stronger

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