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    Ship customization.

    Changing out weapons, engines, shields, ect from ships and swapping with different or better parts.

    This could work as follows, Small ships can only have small weapons/shields/engines ect so you couldn't over tier, but you could mix and match or use a weapon from a different ship you liked better although for different power requirements pts. Say for instance you swap with a laser that uses 5 energy and has 5 damage and you used to have a laser with 3 energy and 3 damage, the new laser would probably also cost more pts from the total pt pool that "hull" of your ship provides. Hulls should have a certain amount of points they can dedicate to things and this is how you have to use your brain to build your own ship to your style. Let us change out everything from engines, sensors, shields weapons and whatever else.

    Also, it would be nice if parts were a bit different from each other, like one ships shield has %10 extra beam resist, another ships has 10% explosion resist, and what have you. Lets get some customization going. Would also add a great deal to the longevity of the game because there's more to unlock, aim for, do and try out.

    Acquiring parts could come in different ways. Rewards from missions, locks, defenses, or just unlocking these parts when you unlock different ships. You could also have a retrofit market where you buy them for your loyalty points so you have more things to spend loyalty points on, thus again creating more longevity to the game.

    QOL suggestions

    The galaxy map should have a toggle option to sort instances by faction level allowed so you only see the instances with that faction level you want to find and join.

    Map scrolling with the arrow keys, up down left and right. During your team in battles, and on the global map, instead of having to click on things.

    Seeing a L and R indicator on the circle indicator of your ship in battle, so you know which side is your left and your right, more quickly, allowing you to use your turn more quickly and not having to wait as long or make a mistake turning the wrong way or trying to click that little button.

    A button that turns on all counter fire measures on and off.

    Color editing your ships special colors, you can charge your premium currency for it so you make more money.

    Much more explanation of game mechanics and more in depth tutorials, information like how much exp you get based on hit to hp, your level, and or damage done to hp. Include all the needed information for lots of game mechanics.

    Remove the training delay of officers so you are encouraged to play more consistently and it would avoid people where they stop playing for 24 hours because the training delay.

    Remove the ship re spawn timer but replace it with a timer for that sector where that ship just died so "that" ship can no longer enter "that" battle again. This would encourage vastly more people to play, instead of having people stop playing for 59 hours while their favorite ship is re spawning. I can speak from personal experience and why I play other games when this happens. When people do this you lose money because you want more people playing than not playing and if they play another game while they wait for their ship to re spawn you lose players online, thus money and eventually it snowballs with low player counts because everyone is afraid to battle the little human players left due to re spawn timers and them leaving.

    This shows player counts in a not very profitable way currently. We want this line to go up, more people coming to play, staying playing and telling their friends about it.

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