First Server Victory: Sol Imperial Worlds

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    After 50 days of war between Sol Imperial Worlds and the Genari Star Empire, the Humans have won. A rather long siege of the Genari Homeworlds began a few days before, until they were ready to take on the innermost planet of the Sanethi star system. The Genari Homeworld Command Base was destroyed, and the Matriarchs with it.

    sol victory.jpg

    This essentially ends V0.X Open Beta server, and we can now move on to SpaceWars V1.0. After over a dozen updates and patches to fix bugs, gameplay issues, balancing, quality of life and features, this new server will be an improvement over the old.


    All players involved will receive legacy medals and awards, which in turn gives players credits for the next server run based on the value of their legacy. Also, the Top50 players from the 0.x server will be given the beta tester medal, which also gives bonus credits.


    Here is what the map looked like once Sol had dominion over Genari near endgame:
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    congrats to all involved in playing the game. How long until the next server is operational?

    -In an hour or two of this post, I'm waiting for it like everyone else. -Vesuvius

    BTW: Players post your screenshots of battles/ships or statistics here if you like.
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    Lets not forget the latest server Genari Won! Posting this pic, straight from the site.
    Mars is overrun! Earth is TAKEN!

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