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Discussion in 'Beta Discussion' started by Beernchips, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    During transit phase, I think it is frustrating that you can pop anywhere on the border of the maps (on big maps it will be a problem when you can come miles away from your team) and also that incoming ships with enough initiative can act first. I mean, you just come from subspace, it is not like you are instantly ready to fight.

    I think, ships from a same faction should only pop on same border to avoid be splitted up. ALso, during first turn after entering battle, you should have a initiative malus (like 10% or so)
  2. MungFuSensei

    MungFuSensei New Member

    This has been discussed before, and the dev's reason for random spawn points is to prevent spawn camping.
  3. sathurn

    sathurn New Member

    I can see the argument for a random entrance, however I would like to see a hex battleground
  4. ben

    ben Member

    the spawn is ok, happens both sides, changes the battle, the run away and quick return would make it unbearable if spawn spot was same each time.
  5. Dalwin

    Dalwin Member

    The biggest problem I see with entering the map is that AI captains block humans from entering. This is manipulated by both sides to seed the battlefield with lower level AI and then avoiding killing those and face any players who enter 4v1 or 4v2. We will get much more even battles and more sporting contests all around if AI captains would just warp out when a human is queued up for entry.
  6. Beernchips

    Beernchips Member

    I fully understand the risk of a spawn point being camped that's why it should be a full border.
    Otherwise for higher class ships with low mobility on big maps, if you don t enter in a good position you will lose many turns just positioning or even worse just spawn surrounded by enemies. With time to warp out u can get killed only because of a random spawn
  7. Gant

    Gant Member

    Spawn points should not be random but smarter.
  8. Evontno

    Evontno New Member

    I like the random aspect. After all we are transiting a galaxy, and pop into a very small part of a single star system.

    Besides, with a few players in-sector, you are never really more than 12-20 movement from an ally ship.

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