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  1. Valhalla Awaits

    Valhalla Awaits New Member

    I was immensely disappointed to find out this game wasn't going to be for me once I was able to try the beta. I loved the combat, loved the ship selection, generally figured this was going to be a major game for me in the future. Then I looked into the skill tree area of the game and my heart sank, I see now that the game isn't going to be so much a coordinated team effort in battles, as it will be single players control entire small fleets singlehandedly. I had been sold on this game being you as a player controlling a SINGLE ship, then helping out in large scale battles with tons of other players, but in reality it appears you'll control 3-5 ships, making you a one-man fleet. :(

    Sadly this ruins the game for me, as I hate micromanagement and using multiple avatars/ships/etc at once. So this won't be something I'll be playing, if the devs want to give my beta access to someone else more interested in a squad-based game than me, go ahead. I'll hold out hope for my ideal space game somewhere in the future.

    Thanks for letting me try the game out though, I'm sure it'll be popular and successful with a different playergroup than mine.

    -I think you misunderstand the fleet commander skill. Same with support ship skill. You don't micromanage those. They are secondary ships, controlled by AI, and are skills that are not even in play for now. Support ships would be more like going out to battle and carrying medkits with you. It is still a single ship combat game -Vesuvius
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  2. Devilgeek

    Devilgeek Member

    I wouldn't quit just yet. First off, they're disabled for the beta, so we don't know if they're gonna stay. Additionally, you also don't necessarily need to pick those skills if you don't want to, it's purely optional. However, it doesn't stop others from picking them. If you love all of those aspects of the game, I think you should stick with it until they finalize the captain abilities.

    You should also keep in mind that some of those maps can hold 2-4 (2v2) ships, while others can hold 40+ (20vs20)
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  3. darklord48

    darklord48 Member

    Also the theory is that if you spend enough points to fly the maximum number of ships (3 I believe) you will not have enough points to earn the top tier ships. Players will have to choose between a top tier ship and 2-3 lower tier ships.
  4. Valhalla Awaits

    Valhalla Awaits New Member

    I'll check back in down the road, but I highly doubt they will be removing that entire aspect of the game, and it's just a deal-breaker for me, as I have absolutely hated every other game that has ever done that.
  5. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Don't forget, there are way more skills than you can get for a single captain. You don't have to pick them, and indeed the fleet commander skills progressively lock you out of the capital ship commander skills. Basically, you can choose to go many, or go big. There is no way to go many+big.

    You obviously don't want to go for many, nor do I. But there is still plenty of fun to be had without picking those skills. For your crew, although there are more skills to pick from, you only get to choose 5 of them before they are maxed out. Your captain gets more, but you still can't get them all, and it'll take a herculean effort to get anywhere near level 10 in a release game before one side wins and the server resets. Take a look at the skills you do want, then try and work out how long it'll take you to get there.

    In all the games I've played since the early beta, I've never had more than one ship yet, and never even been in a situation where I could make the choice to take more, so I don't believe it'll ever be a real problem.
  6. gegener

    gegener Member

    last night i play with kalmor (sorry not sur about the psceudo xD) its was 23h for me and i was going to bed . the last action i made create a little bug.
    i place my ship 3-4 hex away from an ennemy ship and active conter on my weapon. the ennemy ship come near me and attack me.
    i destroy it and the nova destroy me ^^.

    kalmor see the explosion and make a report of my stupid loose for blam. but for me i was still alive but cant move and cant pass turn just cant do anything so i leave the game ^^

    during the time i write this report my client bug/ or my ship is destroy but i cant leave the S-808 zone without quit the game.
    another question is how can a map become in my color faction. actually i fight hard on the S-808 the controle stop at 50% for my faction and nothing ...

    -That is a capture bug that has been discussed before, I've been harassing the programmer about it every day. But its a rather complex fix, that has several elements to correct before implementation. So what I call 'region capture bug' has been reported as an issue, and I'm hoping for a fix of it soon. But then again I was hoping it would be fixed last week. -Vesuvius

    do you need me to stay with the bug or a report from the install files/teporary files?
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  7. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Gegener: So I visited S-808, I noticed you were there, fighting AI that comes in.
    Several bugs that are known already: If you get the full points for capture in a region with a Space Station, that station must be destroyed before you can take that region. The current bug is that when you are in a situation like that, it won't let you 'warp out' from there. Question is, if that Himjei class XI station can be destroyed or not. It seemed pretty damaged when I was there, but it does have about 290 hull points.

    What I'm even more curious about, is that your 3 or 4 damage fission warhead was doing 12 damage to my ship, what skill were you using to increase it that much? It seemed to be an active skill, something like
    Overload III, but it should only be for one round of battle -- it seemed like it was unlimited for you.
  8. gegener

    gegener Member

    dont tel me my favorite ship is cheated! :p
    ihit you twice and i make a gain of xo of 156 per hit it was like a dream ^^ (when i attack the base i have 1 xp only)
    i use the star warrior 2 ship(250 honnor point) and my fission warhead have this profil :
    10 / 5 / 25 / 40
    its the long rang version not short range

    i dont know actually how to use a skill in battle:confused:

    -Interesting, the Star Warrior Type II has the GSEFW-4 missile weapons, and they do 5 damage. Wonder what kind of bug it is then, where it did 12 damage on me... I checked the weapon details in the admin, and it is set correctly at 5, so I wonder if one can reproduce this bug. -Vesuvius
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  9. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    If it's a 'passive' skill, you don't - it's always active. Evasion and Accuracy are examples of 'passive' skills.

    If it's an 'active' skill like "Lucky Shot" or "Overload", they have a sidebar of their own during the allocation round. Click on them and then click on the weapon you want them to enhance, but don't forget they can only be used ONCE in any battle.

    Speaking of which, last time I was playing, I moved to several different sectors after using my "Lucky Shot" and "Overload" combo, but after the first time, they still couldn't be used (I.E. I used them in sector 'A', finished the battle, went to sector 'B' and still couldn't use them, just got an error 100, and the situation was the same in sector 'C'.

    -Ahh, this information is very useful, make sure you post on the skills discussion thread. Its good to know that those skills do work, and can't be repeated for now. -Vesuvius

    So you mean that once I leave a sector (battle) I have to dock at a station, log out, log back in, go to a different sector (battle) before I can use them again? Because that's the only way I found to get to use them a second time in an evening. - Coser
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  10. gegener

    gegener Member

    i have honorable death and rally offensive on my captain. and i dont have any other skill on my crew

    -Anyone seen if rally offensive works? its an active skill. -Vesuvius
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  11. Devilgeek

    Devilgeek Member

    Space Stations level XI and higher (visually speaking, it would be the ones with hangars for Sol) are not destructible. I tried, tried again and again, spending over 15 mins in 1 region doing nothing but damage to the station. I'm pretty sure @SPiEkY also tried with no success.
  12. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY Member

    Indeed. I was able to hurt it pretty badly, but not able to kill it.
  13. Kalmor

    Kalmor New Member

    From what I saw this is what happened:
    We were both fighting a single ship. the ship moved next to gegener and it looked like gegener shot and distroyed the vessel. A second later he blew up and disappeared. I though he just took too much damage when the other ship exploded. I was able to continue to fight but ended up logging because all I found was the space station and I was doing so little damage that I gave up.
  14. Devilgeek

    Devilgeek Member

    Are you guys sure it's a bug? The explosion of a ship is supposed to deal damage in a 4 tile radius.
  15. gegener

    gegener Member

    the problem is not the explosion but the statut of my ship^^

    it was dead its sure but, on my pc, i dont see it dead and i wasnt able to do anything so i log out ^^

    the bug is : i was dead for the server but not for my client ^^

    Vesuvius_SWIE : befor i take the active skill(that i dont know how to active) i was able to 1 shoot some class 3 ship

    i still have a bug in mouvement if i dont have init some mouvement are lost
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  16. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Closing this thread, starting a PART II discussion thread. We're starting Phase II of internal playtesting soon.
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