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  1. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Starting Wednesday the February 15th, forum members will be getting private messages with Steam keys to access the internal beta. I will be online quite a bit to help guide new players as well throughout the week, to learn the ropes and such.
    Players who are in this first round of testing are also welcome to become 'game ambassadors', that is helping other players out and be community leaders when the game opens up for the masses.
    The internal beta will run through Summer 2017; until then there will be consistent updates and features being added.
    Players who have access to the internal beta will be posting here to discuss the game, report bugs, and talk strategy.

    This thread will be about posting updates, new bug lists, adding features, post here only if you have access to the game.

    The internal beta server is a small 'Test' galaxy map with a lot less regions than normal.

    In 'easy' internal beta test mode some things are nerfed:

    - Officer upgrades do not have combat prerequisites and cost less
    - When you lose a ship, you automatically gain 350 XP.
    - XP gains in PVP combat is somewhat higher than normal.

    Some Keyboard Commands in combat:
    wasd keys - turn left/right, move forward, emergency reverse
    spacebar - center view on your ship
    number keys - select/charge weapons
    tab - select targets

    2-16-17 Build Update:
    -AI fixes when it would get confused if more than two human players entered from different races
    -Ma'Alaketh Particle Beam now does proper damage (much more devastating hit - beware)
    -More general bug fixes

    2-17-17 Build Update:
    -Chat window is now available, it is a hidden box to the left. Use it to communicate with friends, allies, and enemies.
    -Battle Royale is available now, though only for 1v1 right now. It will be eventually be up to a 6 player FFA.

    2-19-17 Player Update:
    -All active internal playtesters (about 30 of you) now have been given 1500 XP, as well as 1500 Leadership/Honor points. This will give all players access to the next level of ships, the Class IV Frigates.
    -Beware that you do not get your XP refunds on Frigates, so don't lose them!

    2-20-17 Build Update:
    -Missile weapons now fixed, all working.
    -Chat bug fixed, should be able to chat without it 'disconnecting' after a long battle.
    -Explosions are more effective and dangerous, be careful when you destroy a ship close by, within 1-4 hexes.

    2-21-17 Build Update:
    -Damage Indicators
    now show incoming damage to ship
    -Hull/Crew/Engine health bars now flash move red with incoming damage
    -Some general AI updates

    2-22-17 Build Update:

    -1500 XP bonus for playtesters -- the 'Frigate boost'.

    2-23-17 Build Update:

    -Fog of War feature added. Makes it clearer as to what you can or cannot see, as well as sensor range GUI updates.
    -Pass turn fixes, no longer can be abused
    -Hull and crew
    damage bars persist visually between battles
    -Missing turn bar silhouette icons fixed
    Counterfire improvements/fixes, you can see when counterfire of an enemy ship kills you.
    -Improved AI stability

    2-25-17 Build Update:

    -2000 XP bonus for playtesters -- the 'Destroyer-Light Cruiser boost'.

    2-26-17 Build Update:

    -Power total errors on allocation round fixed.
    -Fog of War updated with more accuracy and fidelity.
    -Capture point gain/loss fixes in combat regions.

    2-28-17 Build Update:

    -Kill XP now functions, so you get 20% XP of ship value when you destroy a ship.
    -Ship Debris now dissipates over time, reducing wreckage clutter.
    Weapon Stats in combat now give correct numbers.
    -Ship Stats in shipyard fixed.
    -Combat summary now will appear after all enemies are defeated.

    3-3-17 Build Update:
    -New Medium Map upgrade with about 300 sectors, increasing the capture/conquer range of the game.
    -Capture Points & control bugs fixed.
    Transit Phase issues resolved.

    -Miscellaneous stability fixes

    3-7-17 Build Update:
    -Early Intro Cinematics introduce you as a Sol or Genari Captain when starting a new character.
    -Shipyard now shows XP value of ships, as well as numerical stats.
    -Player Avatars now show up in combat.
    -Transitions on engaging your warp drive now appear in stages.
    -Region lockouts after capture have proper cooldowns now.

    -XP gains from Genari Marines killing crew fully working now.
    -Enemy detection exploit eliminated

    3-8-17 Build Update:

    -Shipyard now shows you available, owned, and locked ships
    -Fog of war improvements
    Stability fixes (crash to desktop fixes)
    -Targeting & detection improvements

    3-9-17 Build Update:
    -First detection targeting bug fixed.

    3-11-17 PAX/Build Update:
    -Battle Royale now works properly, with multi-player FFA
    Chat function now works properly.
    -Marine Pods now work as they should.
    -Shipyard/stat info fixes
    -Marine pod station attack exploit fixed.
    -10-20 new
    internal playtesters joining up.

    3-13-17 Build Update:

    -Intro Cinematics with full audio, narration and music
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  2. Markoth

    Markoth Member

    Where should we report bugs as we find them? In this thread or should we make new ones?
  3. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    You can post it here, though there's about 780 bugs (LOOOL) that are being worked on, so most likely the bug you discover is already known.

    With a new one being that the chat has become buggy all of a sudden, so I can't talk to you guys heh

    I've seen RhoDawg, Markoth, Tyros and Amishjoe playing around, and ran into one of you.
  4. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    Getting a 228 invalid phase and general error 100 at the end of turn occasionally. Causes my allocation to revert to the previous turn. BTW, great game, reminds me of panzer general and xcom, two of my very favorites!!
  5. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Downloading as I write. Unfortunately I am now at work, so won't be able to play until I get 'home' again. Don't have a headset, but willing to get a fairly cheap one this week. What chat system are you using?

    -the chat system is by typing (which is broken right now), its not voice chat -Vesuvius
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  6. Tchey

    Tchey New Member

    OK, first, it works on Linux via PlayOnLinux, it seems i don't have trouble. A real native Linux would be much better, but i can wait. http://forums.spacewars.com/threads/linux.52/

    I took Genari, selected a spawn point at random, and tried to understand the info on screen.
    Then, i did one skirmish, it was a little confusing, but i manage to die, so it means it played, haha...
    Eventually i went to the big map, and i didn't understand anything.
    I just moved around, jump a few times, but nothing happened, i don't know what to do, at all.

    Very first comments :
    - In Shipyard, the station in the background makes it hard to actually have a good view on the ship's systems. - There is a ship viewerbutton to see/rotate ship in all directions
    - The loading screens seem to be low res ? - Should be high res, I get 2.5k on my monitor
    - Would be nice to pan the view with middle mouse button. -In freeflight/combat mode right mouse button does that,
    - I don't know where are supposed to be the 1000 credits to test stuff ? Ingame i have 0. -I manually add them myself, when I'm online and looking up new player accounts in the admin
    - No XP for loosing ? -Actually the game is nerfed in that you automatically get 350xp credits for losing your starter ship, which won't be the norm in the full game.
    - Not sure what to in the upgrade screen -I'll be trying to teach you guys the basics/commands/tactics online once the chat system is working again -vesuvius
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  7. Tchey

    Tchey New Member

    Alright, i think i got the main gameplay's systems. The missions, with pirates hunting mostly, how to engage, scan, move, position, allocate, shield, weapon...

    So, i won several fights, but still got no XP at all, so not sure what should i do about it.
    Same for credits. -XP against AI missions is greatly reduced right now (but you do get some) but the real XP comes from fighting other real life players.

    Can we talk about the game elsewhere ? On other forum, blog, etc ? Is there any kind of NDA i didn't see ? -There is an NDA, you clicked yes to it when you installed the game, but it might not have been obvious.
    Can i write about the game, without posting screenshots ? Can i make video ? Can i drink some tea ? -You can't write or post about the game until the media release (they will be getting access sometime next month) around early March. - Vesuvius
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  8. Cromgore

    Cromgore New Member

    I don't even know how to move to different hexes in skirmish can fire but not move.

    Edit: Can move fine in free mode but can't move around in battle mode
  9. Ereinion

    Ereinion Member

    You can move only in the combat round. In the allocation round you can only decide the distribution of your energy. If you can not move via mouse in combat, try using wasd first.
    Yes, there is ALLOCATION ROUND - where you allocate your power and strategize
    and COMBAT ROUND - where you can't change your system's power but move & fire

    I noticed some really curious phenomenon, which only occurred in non-battle sectors as of now: Sometimes my ship just jumps ahead while moving and moves somewhere totally different. Like it was just skipping some hexes. More then once I just teleported through a station I wanted to dock at.
    Also, in combat I had the problem that I sometimes wasn't able to decharge my weapons, when I had charged them the round before. I kept clicking that charge bar, but nothing happened.
    And: Is it correct, that I can only leave a battlefield if my engines aren't damaged?

    Btw: It's awesome!

    Some of what you mention above are bugs:
    - Ship skipping bug where you're in safe freeflight mode, usually when someone else is in the sector and is moving at the same time
    - Weapons sometimes (especially marine pods) will remain charged on subsequent rounds and you need to click on the keyboard shortcut for it (keyboard nums 1-9) to 'uncharge'
    - Experience gained may not show right away, but seems to appear if you quit and restart.
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  10. Cromgore

    Cromgore New Member

    Thanks i've figured it out now the lack of a tutorial makes it a little difficult to understand.
  11. Tchey

    Tchey New Member

    When you allocate all your points, it sucks your movement, and you may only be able to attack or use somedevice, so be sure to check this if you intend to move.
  12. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    One of my big projects this week is to make a tutorial manual that will clarify everything, including some more complex items that you guys may have not tried yet. I eventually will have a comprehensive tutorial manual by the end of the month.
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  13. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    In hex H-8, every time I win, the leave map button freezes. giving me a general error 100. Thanks Vesuvius and keep up the good work. To all players having trouble, at the big map click on an area it will show if there are any friendlies or hostiles(except pirate missions).

    -That's definitely a new bug -- something to do with killing hive ships then. By the way, you've amassed more XP than another player so far haha -Vesuvius
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  14. TYROS

    TYROS New Member

    i cant seem to login atm, game keeps hanging then crashing.

    currently trying to get online using 64bit windows 10 laptop, nvidia 970, 16g ram.

    edit: im online now, thinking it was bad internet speed i had for abit tbh.
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  15. Coser

    Coser Active Member

    Thanks for that Vesuvius. I am most definitely going to record some video of the beta, and the full release, but it will certainly remain for my eyes only until you give us clearance.

    Tyros, good call adding in information on operating system, etc. But your amount of RAM makes me think of the time Bill Gates said 16K was enough for anybody!
  16. TYROS

    TYROS New Member

    is battle royale playable, keep getting ERROR 100 since i started beta. also alittle slow loading times on that page and ship selection also.

    - Battle Royale is disabled for now, but skirmish mode is available. -Vesuvius
    * Sometime soon Battle Royale will be made available, and I will invite players to it for FFA combat & training against me & others.
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  17. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Damn, amishjoe has already accumulated over 1800 xp points, leveled up his captain to the next tier and bought himself a frigate.
  18. AmishJoe

    AmishJoe Member

    I like the agile flyer and defense frigate so far. Great game!
  19. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY Member

    Well, it appears that I'm much too sober to figure out how to play a game without a tutorial, so I'll rectify that and see if I can figure out what I'm actually doing in this.

    -Building a tutorial as we speak :)
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  20. Tchey

    Tchey New Member


    I just noticed you edited many posts to add your comments in blue. It's a weird way to answer, but i guess it's effective to answer everyone's questions. Now i noticed it, thanks for all your inputs !

    -More efficient this way, and less posts to overfill a page :)
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