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  1. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    If possible, how about a sort of in-game "Academy" menu at the space station where inside it, you can access the playable tutorial(s), a database of all known ship/hull base stats (yours as well as enemy and alien factions, basically the website shipyard page), the training simulations, the friendly pvp skirmishes, and a simple written library of information about game mechanics, abilities, numbers, etc.?

    This would keep you from having to spend a lot of time and resources on developing extremely detailed and all-encompassing tutorial modules while also keeping players in the game. I hate that whole immersion breaking of going out to a half dozen external sites for information, communication, trade, politics, coordinating offense/defense, etc. Forums are expected, but beyond that, I like to see the 'game inside the game', not from the outside, if that makes sense.

    I suppose there are advantages to being able to look things up without having to be at a station/the Academy though :p

    -Actually I plan to have two special buttons near the top right corner, one with a ship icon, another with a book icon. The ship icon will have all the ships you see in the shipyard with their stats (the ship cards), and the book icon will have all the tutorial cards you see on the beta tutorial thread. Of course, I'd like to have something far more advanced, but its the best I can do at this point. -Vesuvius
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  2. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Check the Gorshkov IV weapon arrangement. I think one of those fore weapons is supposed to be a starboard side weapon (as seen at in-game shipyard, 3 are listed fore, none are starboard, other Gorshkovs have 2:1:1:1, not 3:0:1:1) Gorshkov IV Weapons.jpg

    -That was a quick fix on the admin, a laser weapon was placed in error in forward, when it was supposed to be starboard. Will reflect on the next build. -Vesuvius
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  3. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    It seems that skills are now truly rounding at 0.5+ instead of always rounding up any fraction? Is this correct/working as intended? Seems like this topic has been visited quite a few times, and iirc, it was working as stated and always rounding up at one point.

    36 MP + 20% -> 43 MP (43.2)
    38 MP + 20% -> 46 MP (45.6)

    This would explain why I am not seeing a 5% power boost on 21 -> 23 (22.05)
  4. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Allocation phases still exceeding/no longer capped at 60 seconds, based on # of participants in a fight.
  5. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Absolutely hate the randomly dealing damage to engines instead of hull, especially when it would have easily been a killing blow. I was just playing with AmishJoe and hit a ship twice in the rear for what would have been lethal damage that instead went to engines. 1 shot to put the hull to kill range, backed off for a second and third that both luckily hit... the engeines... my 4th shot missed, and I was forced to retreat then spend several more rounds attempting to land ~50% shots from range while beating down the repairs as well all while being mindful of reactor explosion hazards :p

    Please reconsider applying damage to both hull and engine again.

    Maybe once the hull is below 50 or 25 or 10%? Have damage be applied to both, as it would make sense that any further damage received would be catastrophic at that point.

    No XP is awarded for an engine hit. IMO, you should get extra XP for damaging a system :p
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  6. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Possible to hit a snag further in the tutorial when being told to power up shields if you had applied significantly more power to weapons that needed. This can be worked around by using the hotkeys to cycle through charges and wrap back around to 0, but you cannot use the mouse to adjust weapon power at this time. This is related to the previous tutorial hang that I mentioned.

    Also possible to not have any power applied to port side weapons because of this for a later objective, this causing another hang in the tutorial.

    Tutorial ended immediately upon destroying the corvette while the second mine was still on the map.

    No XP awarded for completing the tutorial (This was my second time going at it, but remember, I had to bail on the first because of a hang).

    I just engine hit a Gravitic mine (now 16/18) while it's hull remains at 4/4

    C'monnnn you have to admit something needs to be changed here!
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  7. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Have to leave and re-enter station or quit game and reload to get officer timer to update (along with other things like XP).

    -That should have been fixed by now, the XP updating should be good as well, unless the bug has resurfaced -Vesuvius
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  8. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Malaketh have a new beam animation/sound too. Found out the hard way. Surprising that I lasted this long :p Just shy of buying a Swordfish too ><
  9. 0b1000010

    0b1000010 Member

    Playing Star Fleet Battles and Starship Tactical Combat simulator role playing games, actually this method is proper. Engines take damage independent of superstructure.
  10. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Kinda dumb to have 2 hull left and the engine takes 5 dmg, ship lives. If we had the ability to selectively target systems or hull (on the available arc(s)), that could work.

    This all ties into a core problem with damage and last-hits being the only thing rewarded with XP when taking damage (instead of a teammate, possibly), scouting, repairing, disabling, etc. are all very important too. Hitting engines is worth 0 xp no matter what damage you do. Hitting the hull is worth damage XP and in some cases, the huge kill/last-hit bounty.
  11. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Solution: Don't hit the rear arc lol.
    When I fight however, I do like reducing enemy engine power, as their explosive power (especially playing as Genari in close combat minus force fields) you won't get the explosion damage in full force (along with the fact that they aren't as effective in combat in subsequent rounds).
  12. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    Probably a good idea, and I can get that implemented easily.
  13. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    I noticed that the explosion damage was based off of the current engine power, accounting for any damage received, many many builds ago. That still holds true. I don't know why, but I was just looking up reactor power on the shipyard for various ships and calculating out the amount of damage I would receive based on my distance.... when I could have just looked at the new information display panel for exact current power.
  14. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    There is still a problem with accuracy calculations and getting LOWER chance to hit for closing distance under certain conditions.

    Example: Mendi III 50% 8 max range weapon + Lucky shot will hae a 99% chance to hit at 4 tiles away down to 98 96 and 95% and 3 2 1 tiles away respectively.

    -A good Jira report :) -Vesuvius
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  15. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Something seems wrong with Lucky Shot. It is no longer possible to exceed or reach a 100% chance to hit at any range (but the listed weapon accuracy does state 100% when hovering over weapon icon), though you can get 99% at 1/2 max range. Is this working as intended?

    Seems like a hard rule of 'max accuracy at 1/2 range = 100%' has been imposed. We can no longer use lucky shot to fire at beyond 1/2 max with good accuracy.

    6 range weapon, 50% accuracy, 1/2 range (it's actually median, but easier to say 1/2) = 3.5 or (6-1)/2.

    At 3 tiles, should have slightly better than 50% chance to hit, 4, slightly worse, observed as expected.

    With the Lucky Shot bonus, we should be able to achieve 130% accuracy (+80 for a single attack) at the same 3.5 range, which should then allow us to have a 100% chance or close to it at 4 or even 5 range, but the maximum of 6 would have an arbitrated 10% base chance, perhaps modified to 18% now? but I doubt it given that if you go closer than 1/2 range, your hit chance actually decreases. Something is wrong in the calculations, as your chance to hit should never LOWER from getting closer to your target, and we should be able to exceed 100% accuracy (or at least we used to?).

    -It should never exceed 100% accuracy, as 100% is max no matter what, but it shouldn't 'drop' in accuracy as you get closer. However, if the numbers are 99-100% then the results are fine. -Vesuvius
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  16. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Here's that no-defender bug again:

    I was blitzing a sector repeatedly for battle credits (kill one ship and reset)
    The sector initially had 2 mines (remaining? someone else had attacked some time before me, no clue how long)
    I killed 1 mine in one of my attacks along with a defending AI ship
    Several blitz kills later (ships), I returned to the zone and killed the last mine before a defender arrived.

    The director is now bugged and no new AI defenders are being sent to the area (slow-capping 5 CP at a time, just sitting here for several minutes)

    After 15 free CP from sitting there, I decided to quit out and re-engage to see if the problem would correct itself ....

    After sitting out of the sector for several minutes, there was no change in CP (normally it starts reverting back to the original owner, just the same as if someone was attacking it and sitting in the area).

    Defenders are still not spawning after leaving and re-entering the sector G-1214.

    I'm leaving it in Genari control for now in case a dev wants to go check it out. There were 8/30 Genari control points when I left.

    -Another good Jira report, with an image of the sector. Seems like there's been a bug going around where one mine is left, but the sector seems inactive in AI, as in it thinks its already captured or something. -Vesuvius
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  17. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    There is a problem with the radar and enemy ship updates. It is possible to lose sight of a ship that is in line of sight and range, then when you get close to that tile again, you still cannot see them.

    The only way to fix this problem is to knowingly break line of sight with where the target is, even though you can't see it, and then re-scan that area to detect them once more.

    -I need to test this one out, seems to be an important bug. -Vesuvius
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  18. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Can still fire damaged weapons.

    Damage state only prevents modifying allocated power.

    Jira report + screenshot will work -Vesuvius
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  19. Xeen Dread

    Xeen Dread Active Member

    Still a problem with MaxHull -1 display bugs and repairs.

    -Another good Jira report. -Vesuvius

    Still a problem with issuing movement and rotational commands and getting desynched from server's orientation of player ship.

    -This I think is very much tied to a slow connection, where something happens to the client-server communication. Not sure how to fix? -Vesuvius
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  20. Vesuvius_SWIE

    Vesuvius_SWIE Administrator Staff Member

    New Update! GENARI TUTORIAL now up, and SOL TUTORIAL has a voiceover.


    • The Genari Tutorial has been added to the game. This tutorial is similar to the Sol with the major difference being the addition of how to use Marine Pods.
    • The Sol Tutorial is now has audio narration.
    • The number keys on the tutorial during allocation now adhere to the same restrictions as clicking on the ship systems to power them up.
    • Fixed an issue where the Sol tutorial wouldn’t properly progress if the WASD keys were used in certain circumstances.
    • The counterfire toggles are now disabled in the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue that prevented quitting the application from the options menu while in the tutorial.
    • Fixed an issue on the Sol Tutorial that allowed players to bypass the allocation restriction if directly clicking on the power bar for weapons, scanners, and shields.
    • Key words in the Sol Tutorial are now highlighted.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed players to bypass the repair phase.

    • Players are now able to name their officers and these names will be displayed in the officer notification section in combat. To change your officer’s name go to that particular officer in the spacedock and click on the pencil icon to the right of their title. When the officer's name has been changed their title will still be displayed below their name. The Spacedock will still only display the officers titles when viewing the ship overview.
    • The generic Unity logo has now been replaced with the Space Wars logo when the application is running.
    • Fixed an issue where the player would get an insufficient power warning when they correctly had enough power.
    • When entering a map the player’s camera will now be facing the same direction as their ship.
    • Fixed an issue where an asteroid was not correctly appearing on maps which would cause situations where players couldn’t move for some unknown reason.
    • Fixed a bug with the officer skill reset limit not being properly tracked.
    • Captain Rank (for players, not NPCs) and ship class are now shown on the mouse over ship popup.
    • Required minimum battles for officer promotion have been updated.
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